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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:35

A Visit from the President of the Turkish Hearths President Uysal

A Visit from the President of the Turkish Hearths President Uysal
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Chairman Prof. Turkish Hearths.

Karabük news: Chairman Prof. Turkish Hearths. Dr.. Mehmet Oz in the western Black Sea region together with Yilmaz Officer Kamil Aziz Karabuk University Rector. Dr.. Burhanettin were meek courtesy visit. Expressing his satisfaction with the visit
Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal,"Karabük University, the first of the university. Today in Turkey, the only parts that embodies Karabuk University at the same time the most in Turkey preparation of my education given and at the undergraduate level this year, most students area 8 University are in the position. Karabuk University student-centered and 24/7 who is a university.'s Day every moment of our university an activity the students inside to see. they all essentially we are the result. We feel like this got. Both our employees and our students as well as Karabuk the Population. Here, if a success that all of us success,"he said .
January Turks and providing information about voicing his pleasure to be here Hacettepe University Faculty Dean and Head of the Turkish General in January. Dr.. Mehmet Oz,"My country name I am very happy here, my official really good work is being done, great effort given and all of them 6 years such a short period of time made. Herein truly university-industry and government cooperation the best example I've seen. These short while 32 thousand students achieve the number really got me very excited. course, this only counts not considered to be the growth here in parallel, each made in the field. place like a living university. Present weekend demezs you on all sides, a student on the conference continues on the other side of student clubs doing activities together. really created an awareness of where everyone should see this place. again I congratulate you, I wish you continued success,"he said.
Chairman Prof. Turkish Hearths. Dr.. Mehmet Oz made his name in tree planting botanical gardens, toured the campus area.

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