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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 17:44

Abdulkadir was the subject of life at work and added:

Abdulkadir was the subject of life at work and added:
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Sanko Holding Honorary Chairman Abdulkadir Konukoğlu, after leaving his position as chairman of the board away from daily work , said:\"Day after leaving work , the company got rid of the habit , defined as blindness .

Gaziantep news: I've done some work is wrong or different buildings I've seen , \"he said .
News channel , the morning newspaper writer Falls Happening in Gaziantep, made-ups after and presented the Business Life in participating in the program and added:Sanko , Gaziantep, Turkey and answered questions from Syria on .
's Happening Sanko Holding Honorary Chairman to the question regarding the process , \"the company should be refreshed in the blood . Business to prevent blindness , business success , the young people it was supposed to pave the way . Leader exchange measurements should not be \"respondents Konukoğlu, daily work leave , although important issues are interviewing and investment decisions provided with , he said.
\" Syrian refugees and GUEST \"
Syrian immigrants on the question , \"God help me get . Their homes , their jobs , their families became , lost relatives . They are our friend, is our guest, \"he replied Konukoğlu , said:
\"Of course many disadvantages of this situation unfolds. Suddenly intensified traffic due to the growing population , increased rents . But I have work to anyone who wants to work in Gaziantep . This included the Syrians . However, the Syrians will not victims of our own people for the work of the legislative amendment is required. Syrian refugees find work in small businesses can be at present . Large enterprises can not be said to be run in the uninsured , legal arrangements should be made . Syrians 5 percent , a quota must be put like 10 . Quotas on employers employing foreign workers must . We need to consider our own people . \"
Grown in Gaziantep , emphasizing that everyone Konukoğlu each other , this approach Sanko Machinery manufacturing facilities have established here said:
\"This investment should actually be established in the Marmara Region . If I did so per machine three thousand euros for costs in have the advantage , but Gaziantep to establish , in Gaziantep machine as the development of industry contributed to the \"
His \"Turkey in the World in Turkey, Gaziantep, \"said referring to the added:\"Investment priorities I invested in Gaziantep . Gaziantep is not possible, do it in other provinces . Abroad already our investment does not exist \", saying investment principles expressed .
Konukoğlu, Gaziantep, Muslims , Armenians, Jews and Christians for hundreds of years living together with an emphasis said:
\"intensive internal migration in Gaziantep as we are in living in harmony . In Gaziantepliler immigrants adopt , we see them as a native of this city . After a while they become Gaziantepç . It comes to determining civil servants are also included. Everyone here Gazianteplileş is . \"
Turkey and other countries also attracted the attention of a growth reminiscent of the Konukoğlu time to time, the recession ,\"the cars even when sometimes uphill , sometimes straight, sometimes the landing you will encounter . Economy anything like him . Its overgrowth may from time to time , but I need to take time with little growth . The important thing is the way to get \"in the words sample was .
Sanko Holding Chairman tasked the smart Konukoğlu itself will be more successful underlines Konukoğlu , said completed:
\"Zeki Bey's way of doing business is different. Are prescriptive . I believe it would be more successful . Although not as much as I worked in the business , as well as the training received . I alaylıy , he schoolboy . For years we have shared every moment together . He did a great job . Sanko much better places during Zeki Bey is the future. \"

Abdulkadir was the subject of life at work and added:" comments for.


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