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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 13:42

Abdullah Gul , the question itself Soruper , he was the respondent

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11th President Abdullah Gul, left unanswered the questions asked by reporters after Friday prayers , \"You did not ask , I'll tell you ,\"he evaluates the Masjid-i-Aqsa attacks against Israel.

İstanbul news: Photo Abdullah Gul , in the Regional Directorate of Forestry has made Maslak campus in the Friday prayer at Fatih Mosque in the woods. Gul's arrival due to extensive security measures were taken in and around the mosque . Citizens from the mosque , contains acknowledgment sought after tops . Gul met with residents after Friday prayers , then the journalists came to him . Gul, a member of the press asked the assessment of the watch Besiktas vs Partizan match yesterday . The Rose, \"This is the front of the mosque. I've done it in the State ,\"he left unanswered . Rose journalists, the question about the new the presidential palace, \"Is there anything else you ask?\"not answered. Finally Abdullah Gul was asked a question about the solution process. However, this question unanswered , leaving Abdullah Gul , \"I have questions to ask is there any other ? One minute I'm amazed . You journalist , playing all over the place in the world. Israel's holy places to attack all Muslims in Jerusalem. You ask them that I suppose . You did not ask , I'll tell you , \"he journalists evaluated prompting Israel's Masjid-i of the attack on the Assembly .
Israel for the attack , most mindless and stating that the most inconsiderate a job that can be done Abdullah Gul ,\"not only to the Palestinians , not only to the Arabs insult to all Muslims , to offend all Muslims and nothing inciting all Muslims this . So before I would strongly wire . I want to remind them that; how the peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel in the Middle East with those behaviors that undermine and no longer a priority for themselves to move away from how peace meat they see the whole world. mentioned in the whole world everyone in Israel's aggression and recklessness , the already Middle East fire is inside the them to the wire for this behavior suppressors fueled him with gasoline walk and halt , everyone I want to say that you need to show effort in his power to it , \"he said . < br/> Rose, left the mosque after the statement .

Abdullah Gul , the question itself Soruper , he was the respondent" comments for.


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