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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:08

Abkhazia's Independence Day Celebrated

Abkhazia's Independence Day Celebrated
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Abkhazia's independence was celebrated on the 21st anniversary of Bursa Inegöl .

Bursa news: Purple Wedding Hall to celebrate Independence Day in
Inegeul citizens living in Abkhazia joined . The Quran recitation after the program's opening speech Inegeul Abkhaz Cultural Association President Erdogan Akalan , \"30 September 1993 gained its independence of Abkhazia victory 21st anniversary with the intention here are gathered . Ahbazy the book in the Black Sea , to the east , 8 thousand 600 kilometers covering an area of ​​history as a country passes. for many people, the meaning is . We as for the war , exile , longing and homeland is . historical our painful migrations, wars and exiles is full . Motherland to victory and death journey fearlessly to the lion , our today paean our thanks to them we say , to express our gratitude to send the debt we know. We Republic of Abkhazia and our homeland the Republic of Turkey our lives without hesitation to sacrifice much love . How is it , Abağb Bahadir , Kozbe Valerie , Argun victory , Siba Efkar and Yeğoj Hanafi our brothers and sisters , tonight with you 21 years we celebrate people of Abkhazia, the republic and the flag to give life , just as we Abkhazians also live in the Republic of Turkey the safety of life and the indivisible integrity to protect the elderly , our young people and our daughters , our product all of us , testimony syrup drinking Abgınb to Tuncer are willing to give as Martian life . Hooray fully independent Abkhazia \"he said.
Celebrants , custom wood hitting each other in the music scene playing games .


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