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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 17 Ekim 2014, Cuma 15:27

About Pistorius was at least 10 years imprisonment

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Late last year , believing that killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp amputee athlete Oscar Pistorius theft case to the prosecutor , asked for at least 10 years in prison .

Pretorıa news: Trial judge Thokozil Masip the last decision of the trial on Tuesday postponed , he said .
14 February 2013 his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp thief in the night , thinking about killing trial amputee athlete Oscar Pistorius 10-year prison sentence was requested. Litigation Attorney Pistorius at least 10 years sentence should be imposed , while stating that the terms of imprisonment of up to 15 years can be removed , he said.
Decision before the both sides in the last defenses , while Pistorius's lawyer, Barry Loux the amputee athlete of killings before in his career is on the rise , now is not even enough money , he said. In recent days, Pistorius , Reeva Steenkamp family of 34 thousand dollars of blood money offered to the families , the figure had refused .
Amputee runner Oscar Pistorius in the past year on February 14 model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp to house the burglars assuming 4 shots whether killed in front of his house bathroom . Pistorius had been detained after the incident , stated that his girlfriend had hit intentionally . Was trying to protect her lover , and so to enter the house , indicating that someone opened fire on Pistorius in April, in the present case had apologized to the family of mannequins lover . Pistorius , last September, was found guilty of murder at the hearing defective .

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