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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 10:02

Abraham Strong:The only reason the September 12 coup PKK

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Memoranda of Impact and Research Commission of the Parliament within the Sub-Commission on September 12 Coup, Kurdish politician and writer Abraham took Guclu opinions in writing.

Memoranda of Impact and Research Commission of the Parliament within

Coup Sub-Commission on September 12, Kurdish politician and writer Abraham took Guclu opinions in writing. Powerful, September 12 in the preparation of the PKK terrorist organization and is responsible for maintaining up to date, he said. Pointed out that the only reason the Sept. 12 coup PKK strong, stressed that the organization is interested in the prosecution of those responsible for the dictatorship of September 12.

Abraham Strong, September 12 Coup Naci Bostanci met with the Chairman of the Sub-Commission. Cihan News Agency (Cihan) told reporters, strong, it Bostanci unsolved Research Commission of the information that you provided and statements made, in particular coup d'état on September 12 had important information concerning the construction and preparation of the reasons. Taking into account the feedback you wanted to listen to this. But, unfortunately, we had to listen to it so that the person listening to many people able to rest for the duration of the Commission's work was not possible. If the Commission extended working time to listen to you too. But at least it would be useful to communicate to us the written comments. Be taken into account in the report to be prepared. ' had replied.

Strong, on 12 September the Commission found written declaration. Kurds in the massive blows, to include all segments of society detention, arrest, torture, punishment had been subjected to treatment by describing the Strong, a Kurd himself as a citizen of March 12, 1971, September 12, February 28 stated that a person who suffered strokes directly .

all military coups in Turkey because of"Kurdism-separatism, Sharia and political Islam, communist-anarchism-other dissident ideas to organize themselves with the existing state-of-the military power is in danger, the danger disposal to as"indicating a strong showing, coups have been compromised and corrupted the board-that is the reconstruction of the establishment by the institutionalization and internalization of fascism, developments in the state, appointed by the governing elite to begin to move out of the borders and prevent the start of the public to have more say, the power of the Kemalist government itself is in danger was carried out in order to prevent seeing the expression.

" FIRST HAND SO-CALLED most dangerous Kurds were killed in PKK"& lt; br/>

the most objectionable PKK Kurds were killed in the so-called first indicating a strong hand, the terrorist organization has information relating to the killings."The time is coming September 12 massacred thousands of Kurds who had been detained and tortured tens of thousands of Kurdish passed, thousands of Kurdish prisoners, as we saw at the balance sheet migration of tens of thousands of Kurds to be."said Strong, 12 after the military coup that appear when you look at the balance sheet statement came a terrifying, he said.

"12 coup, PKK WHY ONE ASSET HAPPENED"& lt; br/>

A Kurdish tens of thousands of Kurds were killed in the massacre took place, and emphasizing the Strong, said:"Civilian process has started after 1983, the PKK's armed struggle in order to initiate planning entered. Kurdistan migrated to Europe by traveling thousands of intellectuals and professionals, the brain drain provided. Nowadays, Kurdistan continues to be implemented the same scenario. KCK and similar organizations founded by MIT and hand Ocalan and the Kurdish youth arrested for killing created a trap is being held up. Kurdish youth in an arbitrary manner, which enables the killing of a deep account of the state forces. September 12 coup, and the results of all these developments, the dictatorship of September 12 September 12 in the preparation of commanders and other officials, and even so far as the PKK is responsible for maintaining . September 12 coup, Kurdistan, organizations need to be liquidated at the same time the only reason for being was the PKK. PKK, for these reasons, the trial of those responsible for the dictatorship was not willing to September 12. Civil-military state power against the government argues. Turkey and Kurdistan 'participatory, pluralistic opposed to democratization. Kemalist elite and the structural sameness because of the authoritarian, military tutelage latest find is not warm. PKK, it allows for the prosecution of dictators in the September 12 referendum on September 12, 2010 was boycotted by approving amendments to the Constitution."

Abraham Strong:The only reason the September 12 coup PKK" comments for.


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