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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 17:35

'Abu'l Hasan Harakani generosity' program started

'Abu'l Hasan Harakani generosity' program started
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Adopted the spiritual conqueror of Anatolia, Sayyid Abul Hasan Shaheed Selatin Harakan-i Holiness, where metfun Kars 'Abul Hasan Harakani generosity' program stood for.

Under the program, the opening and the first session was held with the participation of provincial protocol.

Harakan-i Cultural Center opening, the AK Party Member of Parliament Yunus Kılıç Kars Governor Eyüp Hasan Tepe and Martyr E'bul Harakan-i Uzgur and many guests attended the Foundation Chairman. Boosting the first session after the opening of Life Nur, niyazlarının"Before the End, to be on everyone aliyelerinin Himmet civanmert evident and immanent sentence,"she said.

Boosting, the main title of this year's program, 'Abul Hasan Harakani' the generosity ', that is a word of Persian and Turkish civanmertliğin provision,' Er person, generous, Kerem owner, magnanimous, young and bold 'statement said that manalarının all at once. Civanmertliğin, the Arabic equivalent 'Futuvva', he said.


Cemalnur Sargut Sufi scholar writes the"moderate sit, let's talk about the science and take a bow, saying,"Sultans of knowledge from India came and said he was astounded to see. Sargut said:"H indistan'dan here came another Hasan, Hazrat Hasan Chishti came Muiniddin. There is a Sufi Hasan visited another before the symposium. Wonder business Hasan ' I began to think for THE HEALTH. Hasan-ul Harakan-i,-i, and Hasan Hasan-ul Gülşen Chishti Muiniddin why people get up from Iraq with a quote from the prophet taaa India, Pakistan and from there to there in the past two to Bangladesh formed an Islamic country. Yeah, when they had a smiling face, with love, with love, embracing not only learning how to say a word in Hindi and dinner tables as i opened Harakan-Come, come, he formed two Muslim countries and wife. How was that? Then I thanked the Hasan 'I go on other than Hasan."

Speaking after Sargut'un Bulgaria Assoc. Dr. Velin Belev not understand something in the presentations of the speakers and the head is not an interpreter is empty, writing a speech prepared, yet lost him during his trip, he said. Which subsequently express their thoughts through an interpreter in the Assoc. Dr. Belev, everyone is a guest of God, he said.

'Abu'l Hasan Harakani generosity' program started" comments for.


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