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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 16:41

Abundance of Ashura Çadırkentl Continues

Abundance of Ashura Çadırkentl Continues
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Adiyaman tent on the occasion of Muharram Ashura event was held .

Adıyaman news: Governor Mahmoud Demirtas and members of the protocol by the Syrians 10 thousand people asure distributed .
To asure distribution held in tent cities Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, Chief Public Prosecutor Ali Ulvi Yilmaz, Deputy Governor of Yunus Emre Altıner , Levent Öztin, Honor Kökçü , Provincial Director of Education Seyfi Ozkan , Mufti Mehmet Ali Pure Turkish , the AFAD Director joined Ertugrul Anderson and Syrian citizens. Photo Friendship and the event showed great interest of the Syrians with shared that Muharram relations of brotherhood , 10 thousand people asure were distributed staying in tent cities . By provincial mufti prayers were read at the beginning of Ashura win . The prayer made ​​in the wake of Governor Demirtas, at the head of the Syrian citizens won asure distributed asure . Demirtas, \"about 2 years we are hosting you in our city. Two years with the Muharram occasion we eat asure with you . Ashura , the peace, as you well know , love, is solidarity and fraternity's name. This blessed month, you are to be instrumental in your country unity and solidarity of the provision of all Islamic world and humanity as I hope to bring peace and brotherhood , \"he said . the Photo in tent cities remaining Syrian Ali al-Garre, \"Thank you this meaningful activity due Governor Mahmoud Demirtas on which they edit. We have opened your hearts and your heart to . Thanks to all the services that you have made we . the smallest service you give to a child , a patient give you service, a glass of water you provide to us and a drug even if Almighty will write as no your God deeds registry. bless the whole society, your God , do not trouble accident. we thank you in the most beautiful wish , \"he said . Photo speech of then Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, Chief Public Prosecutor Ali Ulvi Yilmaz and distributed deputy governors with asure the Syrians at the head of the boiler Ashura . Photo Ashura distribution of the then Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, investigations found wandering the construction of the hospital under construction in tent cities .

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