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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 16:41

Accessibility Information Meeting was held

Accessibility Information Meeting was held
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Adiyaman Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies that describe work carried out by the accessibility of a meeting was held .

Adıyaman news: Adiyaman Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies that describe work carried out by the accessibility of a meeting was held .
Deputy Governor Yunus Emre Altiner under the chairmanship of meetings Family and Social Policy, City Manager Murat Gurkan, public and private sector representatives .
meeting in his opening speech , Deputy Governor Yunus Emre Altıner by law to be imposed with the buildings people with disabilities conveniently accessible to make the work as soon as possible is maintained , said:\"in fact, the arrangements made just for our disabled citizens will not be all disadvantaged groups to do about . Authority regarding control are continuing our and incomplete by identifying it to be fixed at the point of warning we are doing,\"said
Accessibility about the work made and studies that provide information about Family and Social Policies City manager Murat Gurkan, accessibility of disadvantaged groups from their homes to escape the others, without the need for buildings and open space access to and use of these can , in short, the social life in order to participate in the built environment and urban services need to be physical and architectural all measures , he said .
Gurkan, \"July 20 , 2013 28 713 in the Official Gazette promulgated \"Accessibility Monitoring and Control Regulations \"requirement created\"Accessibility Monitoring and Inspection Commission \"and the province all ; public buildings and places of worship , private education, private health facilities, cinema , theater, opera, museum, library, conference hall as cultural buildings, casinos, wedding hall as well as entertainment structures, wire, special dormitories, office buildings , offices , arcades , bazaars , shopping centers, commercial buildings, sports facilities, swimming pool, public parking , and other similar non-public owned buildings , all existing roads, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, open and green spaces, sports fields and similar social and cultural background areas and on public transport accessibility measures have been taken that the follow-up and monitoring began, \"he said.
Commission , to this day overcoming the deficiencies for the public institutions and public buildings and open with the public transport owners completion of studies for the July 7, 2015 until the date decided it was time . however, it despite these shortcomings correct those criminal sanctions will be applied. each for detecting thousands of Turkish Lira five thousand Turkish Lira to the administrative penalty is applied. this way in a year will apply administrative fines the amount of fifty thousand pounds as may arise . Municipalities and other public institutions and organizations to identify each of the five thousand Turkish Lira administrative penalty of up to twenty-five thousand Turkish Lira will be applied. In this way, will be implemented within one year of administrative fines that may amount to up to five hundred thousand pounds , \"he said

Accessibility Information Meeting was held" comments for.


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