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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:22

Accreditation Audit Successfully Passed the Kutso Tobbe

Accreditation Audit Successfully Passed the Kutso Tobbe
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Sandy Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( KUTSO ) , TOBB has successfully passed accreditation audit .

Antalya news: Photo Auditor Shahnaz blacksmith and TOBB Accreditation Board Secretary Volcano Flood by audits Chairman Murat H. Günther, Parliament Speaker Mehmet Çetintürk , Accreditation Monitoring Board Member İsmail Acar , Board Member Abraham Ugur Cakir, Ertan Parçaoğl of Muharrem Şahin Secretary-General Massoud Bakr and took place in the room staff . kutso the service concept in the audit lasted for Photo day , transparency policies, relationships with members , on topics such as iT infrastructure were examined in detail .
end of the meeting spoke Shahnaz blacksmith , \"Today our audits in kutso 10. Period has the distinction of being the first of the TOBB accreditation audit . in general this year Turkey will control about 90 rooms . a stable management in our audit we conducted Kumluca Commerce and Industry chamber , we meet a young and exciting team. Efficient was a control. kutso There will be examples of good practice to other rooms. shortfalls we have seen during the inspection will also deliver a report later . We report our positive message about the kutso TOBB accreditation . Get better already , \"he said .
Chairman Murat Gunay H. stating that they are not yet 1.5 years of management , \"where we are today in this short time is a dream for us. Sandy chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber is all Western Antalya. Our core principle is now in a place subject KUTSO when good people there , our region is enormous for his services to very useful . During the election mainly brought us to this point, we are including all the people standing behind us trust to , our Parliament , I ederiy thank management to our Board and our staff , \"he said . Photo TOBB Accreditation System , Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of improving the quality of service of the Union, room and equality of all rooms a quality standard that was developed in order to provide the level of service . the rooms are fulfilling standards in the audit process , the lack of tamlayıp services seen carrying a higher level , and leaving all the useful work of the class rooms has made tradition.


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