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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 21:17

Acer Ilıcalı:"Classroom Training System is not lost for the Closure"

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TV8 came up with the purchase of Acer Ilıcalı famous television producer, has joined the closure of classrooms in the television program, citing"closed Courses do not think that if you lose a lot of the education system,"he said.

TV8 by buying up the famous television producer Acer Ilıcalı, participated in the television program of university closure, citing"Courses shuts the education system lost a lot I do not think,"he said.
TV8 purchase from the agenda maker Acer Ilıcalı, participated in the television program found striking comments. TV8 their team want to work with that said Acer Ilıcalı,"layoffs Acer media to do with. Very important news channels. I also own part, I'm looking, everyone knows the job that should be done, I think. That's why my area of ​​expertise entertainment industry because it is in this direction works I want to do. main news bulletin did not study business, how that works I do not know. That's why I'm in the entertainment industry exist. 6 years, 600 times the first olmuşuz. program we made certain. I am certain risks alam man. Why a channel not said. their business and our projects will bring to life channel's wanted to be. wins money in this sector productions put down and all the money I insane courage can count channel I invested and who loves me follow me following mass channels for not taking it very much. however, that those who are uncomfortable there. every day, especially those 15 days, about myself untrue wonderful news read., Alex De Souza, my friend, her program will do the output. No. Not such a situation. did not talk to explain,"he said.
Ilıcalı, loved football program Telegol also unpublished, said:"I football I love. My heart gave a sport I football as fun looking. football part of the fun I want to give and in this direction the program you want to do. football at a place you want to collect. overseas people to play as fun looking at me, but it the other way asking for,"he said.
Acer's Ilıcalı classroom closure of the issue of assessing"Courses shuts the education system lost a lot I do not think. agenda of the country would follow. these countries eat bread a human being. these grow up to be a problem, too much grown as a problem I see. Courses given to the money is ridiculous. No people in my classroom of fees gladly also'm paying, but their college money would want to pay. world of the very few countries of the classroom,"he said.
Trip Park events his ideas explaining the Ilıcalı,"One of us to each other fall for our efforts, I think. countries when a attacks have done, just been hit, been an event. development of our country blocked. San Nearby Trip Park event again in such a situation falls we felt. everyone what we're doing he want you to think,"he said.

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