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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 16:14

Acibadem Hospital, Ankara Children's Health and Disease Specialist Mustafa Koray Lenk:

Acibadem Hospital, Ankara Children's Health and Disease Specialist Mustafa Koray Lenk:
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Acibadem Hospital Ankara Specialist Professor of Child Health and Diseases.

Ankara news: Acibadem Hospital Ankara Specialist Professor of Child Health and Diseases. Dr. Mustafa Koray Lenk, the longer the duration of fever in children could turn into fear and panic stating"High-rise fire, the cause of the fire instead of fear and of febrile children to understand that it is important to know,"he said. Fever is not a disease

today to the pediatric emergency department and outpatient clinics to create the most common causes of the fire and stated that the Professor of Child Health and Disease Specialist. Dr.. Mustafa Koray Lenk, all pediatric emergency applications more than 30 percent of the fire with complaints that and child clinics applications yüzde10 by 20 percent if the main complaints of the fire, he said.
Fever, diseases organism's immune response, defense mechanisms as part of Although fear and anxiety in families cause serious that the Professor. Dr.. Lenk said:
"Fire as the duration of fear sometimes panic can turn into. These situations, families as well as doctors also affects, anxiety and panic state fire to reduce the sometimes unnecessary, and sometimes patients may be detrimental to applications made causes. These false attitudes and practices at the beginning of antibiotics as a fever reducer used comes. fever a disease but rather a finding. fever in a child of this finding elimination, the fire that caused the main presentation of the disease must be removed."
normal body temperature in the armpit 36.5 to 37 DEGREES
fire in body temperature rise is defined as noted Lenk,"normal body temperature measurement at the time of and which heat is removed by body area varies. Normal body temperature in the armpit 36.5 to 37 degrees, oral 37.5 degrees, the eardrum from the 37.5 degrees C and rectal 38 degrees. these degrees above the fire is defined as,"he said.
Lenk, use very different temperature measurement devices available in stating that said:
"Fire gauges using the children's fevers armpit, oral, tympanic membrane and the rectal can be measured. oldest and most well-known mercury glass thermometers are. recent years from the agenda of mercury poisoning concerns about these types of thermometers use led to a questioning and use has been limited. recent years, especially in the home in their use became widespread and measurement is completed buzzer, giving ease of use with and easy to read display with digital thermometers are at the forefront. especially underarm and oral temperature measurements used in this thermometer most important issues in time measurement sensitivity involve the loss. axillary temperature measurement, safe, friendly and patient too without discomfort to be viable is a significant advantage. however, especially the fire started to increase with the smaller ends of the vessels contraction as it has developed underarm temperature measurement errors in rate increases."
1-30 day infant of fever in height as low body temperature is also important to emphasize that Lenk, in this period every baby's doctor should be seen by the expression, the fire is 38 degrees and above that 3 month old babies again seen by the doctor should be noted.
38-39 degrees between the fire in the disease-causing microorganisms comfortable sprung unable explaining Lenk,"Viability lose. especially fever begins to rise, this response was more pronounced. actually firing a disease but rather just one finding. fever can not treat. Important fever-causing agent or illness to find and her specific treatment are required to provide. course very high fever doctorate in until it reaches the appropriate number of initiatives and/or anti-inflammatory drugs, high fever more appropriate levels downloads we may need. home that can be implemented with these ventures, perhaps no drug treatment fever more appropriate levels To download will be realized. room temperature 22 to 24 degrees, keeping hot kid on the clothes to remove and cover the need to. fever, respiratory rate, increasing fluid loss creates. therefore fiery children drink plenty of fluids (water, juice, yogurt, soup, etc.) should be . physical activity, with the liver and muscle heat production will be from the excessive physical activity should be avoided. necessary temperature of 29-31 degrees with the water bath should be made or specified temperature with water-filled tub courses average 15-20 minutes should stand. cold water bathed the surrounding vascular contraction in will occur from the fire of the fall will not be possible, even more will increase. fever-lowering drugs recommended for use with the fire limit from 39 to 39.5 degrees should be. that the doctor's recommended medication per pound calculated at doses are required to provide,"he said.

Acibadem Hospital, Ankara Children's Health and Disease Specialist Mustafa Koray Lenk:" comments for.


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