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  • 27 Ekim 2013, Pazar 09:06

Acted on the orders of Ataturk, hung unquestioned

Acted on the orders of Ataturk, hung unquestioned
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How was working with the Independence Tribunals, how justice (!) Distributed?

historian Mustafa Armagan, Time Newspaper Here's the article section on



If you look at the history books

Standard National Courts enemies of the regime, by the way,"fundamentalism"was established to give the author of the supporters of the punishment they deserve. Here is one of them, moreover, cleared the occasion of the first official History of the Republic following the assassination of Izmir textbook style reminiscent of the propaganda of the party notable mention:

"It's miserable, and crime ( crime) partners, there is no doubt that there is blood work Turkishness ore. These are the presence of any nation can not be agreed until barındırmağa Basterds."

not mistaken, they are written in a textbook. It has come to the present harsh and reconciling şaşırmıyoruz style. Why? This style is grossly 'internalized' from it.

Look how high school students in the same book, told National Courts:

"Independence Tribunals (...) Institutions on justice. Fundamentalism, and the betrayal of the Republican era movements ahead of these courts has been beneficial activities."

"History IV, entitled"Independence of the Courts in 1927, the removal of the textbook the government"was seen at the time of democratic virtues" One of the counts, which give people dedirtiyor now! However, külliyen lie. Ceased its activities in 1927, but the power of the courts, though the effect of Calm Law, dated he was needed again. Moreover, in spite of the Independence Tribunals Act repealed got up the introduction of multi-party system. 1949 will disappearance.

under the National Mahkemeleri'yle anlatılamayışının facts about brainwashing logic lies crippled oriented textbooks gayretkeşlikle post. (Sticky Thread Here"Independence Tribunals,"he Installs after the Republic, especially the 1925-27 period, the Orient and the Ankara Independence Tribunals mean by active is important to note .)

"eat each other"

National Courts of justice did not have the intent to distribute. to eliminate the obstacles of establishing a new regime, for it had to be an intimidation windy storm . The establishment, in 1793-94, in France often reminded of the terrorist Period meaningful. Structuring of the Bolshevik Cheka was established in Russia in the end of 1917 can be installed in parallel. The main purpose, to ensure obedience to the new regime, and no one he can not tone Turkey was to create a single voice.

Indeed, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Halide Edip Adıvar Uttaranchal 'When asked what to do after the victory,"eat each other."was the answer. Halide Edib'in"Why?"The question"What about the guys came to me?"He has found for. against the inevitable reckoning guys out. Indeed, Ismail Pasha Gazi said Habib Sevük'e Sticky Thread"I want a parliament like a girl." said the goal is clear what it is.

Moreover, the Republic had a parliament before Independence Tribunals and strictly supervise fulfilling this task, but also outside the control of the Assembly in the new period, the orders of a court, and members of Pasha Gazi directly involved. Fail to ask anyone's account, an almost infinite powers of the appeal that a non-terrorist mahkemesiydi.

tutuklayabiliyordu unless the court decisions or even the prime minister intervened. Indeed Prime Minister Ismet Pasha, the police detained his friend by printing free bıraktırınca Karabekir arrest itself off of the court, and only after the intervention of Reisicumhur'un need to remember forgiven. Likewise, the governor of Adana Hilmi Uran allowance on the ground that the two defendants arrested in Ankara wanted to transmit.

terrible criminal court, acting on a single authority, taking orders errors should occur. One of them told us,"Ataturk's comrade in arms known as"Ali Fuat (Cebesoy) Pasha"Political Memories"İnin 2 volume 217 From the horrors of the page tells you.

the appeal death penalty

Cebesoy, in the case of the assassination of Atatürk was tormenters execution. After leaving death row in a warehouse in Izmir, where the glorious generals of the War of Independence tıkılmıştır. Sticky Thread"Everyone had a state of confusion." Cebesoy says and continues:

"We have been devastated we were in a mood . Shoulders nearly collapsed. Not answering the mouths knife. Could not believe a major disaster can be freed. Elevated to the rank of pasha oluşumuz a soldier honored for a month, legislative masuniyetimiz (immunity from) of past services, my person, they are all forgotten. Dishonored, ordinary, humble asked to be dropped to a top position."

a'sının court of justice, even in the event that the document has been witnessing a dramatic Cebesoy. National Struggle heroes with Ismail Canbulat Halis Turgut kalkmışlar to appeal to them sentenced to exile for 10 years. More kurcalamamalarını Cebesoy said. Sticky Thread"If we seek!"they said."We can not live in the dock."A bit later, the bailiff calls for self-defense."Rage made a lunge for the door as." says Cebesoy. The next morning, his eyes eagerly searching for a friend to two destinies. He describes the scene inside the burning:

" were dropped on my head something like ice. Can not bear the weight penalty of 10 years in exile, and it appeared before the court again for the new penal these two horrible friend:death."

60 years ago book published in M. Philips Price,"Turkey's alignment could be argued that the need for a dictator for a while. However, a period of the history of Turkey did not need pollutants such personal acts of revenge."He writes, which is used as a means of revenge National courts are kept clear light.

Is not it time to clean mold textbooks in the URL

Acted on the orders of Ataturk, hung unquestioned" comments for.


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