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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:58

Activities Speed ​​Kesmiyor oil Adiyaman in Turkey

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Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO ) Adiyaman Regional Office has increased its exploration and production activities of the advances made ​​in recent years.

Adıyaman news: Photo Turkey Petroleum Corporation Partnership of the country where 25 percent of the oil produced in the removal of Adiyaman Regional Office , most recently in 2008 had found significant amounts of high quality oil from Şambayat field . Photo Turkey Petroleum has continued uninterrupted to the Corporation teams drilling Bozhöyük in the area hoping to find a sizeable oil . Photo Adiyaman 35 sites in 250 wells from day 9 thousand barrels made ​​oil reproduction of Turkey petroleum Corporation since 1971 in Adiyaman performing oil production .
in 2003 only 3 Turkey Petroleum Corporation is engaged in drilling wells , this number increased to 50 in 2014 . Two years ago, 6 the drilling rig 10 to raise Turkey Petroleum Corporation , how to find that oil is too boring to do. Photo Turkey Petroleum Corporation Adiyaman Regional Manager of War all the drilling in the oil sector , emphasizing that it is very important that everything voiced drilling begins .
\"Oil is going to be everything drilling ,\"said Full , drew attention to the increase in recent years of drilling activity in Adiyaman .
in 2003, only 3 of this figure is well drilling made ​​statements that reached 50 in 2014 All that war , which was passed two years ago 6 number of drilling rigs increased to 10 . On the whole, \"we continue to increase our drilling activity in Adiyaman Regional Office in recent years . In Adiyaman Regional Directorate in 2003, only 3 wells drilling done . But right now this figure has reached 50 . How very boring so much oil , it means so much success. Adiyaman Regional Directorate is producing oil 250 wells with daily 9 thousand barrels in 35 areas. this is Turkey's oil is equivalent what 25 percent of the amount of oil produced in Turkey . at last in 2008 Şambayat our area we found significant amounts of oil . here goes our oil production. currently our area continues Bozhöyük our drilling activities . we also find ümidind this area of our oil , \"he said .

Activities Speed ​​Kesmiyor oil Adiyaman in Turkey" comments for.


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