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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:25

Activity Çaycuma Municipality of Ashura

Activity Çaycuma Municipality of Ashura
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Çaycuma district of Zonguldak , become a traditional event held each year the Ashura Muharram due by the municipality .

Zonguldak news: Photo Station event held in the neighborhood , Mayor Bulent be in Germany so instead of Weigand's deputy minister Fuad Kalaycı President , City Council members and a large number of citizens . Before the events of the Holy Quran were read and hymns said . Then was the prayer. Deputy Mayor Fuat Kalaycı Speaking at the Ashura event , organized by the municipality each year and become traditional , and therefore we are also in the month of Muharram Ashura thanked the citizens who participated in the activities organized . Tinsmith , \"Traditionally, we have the event of Ashura held each year organized by the municipality this year. I thank you for coming to our event . Muharram has three main features. The start of the first of fasting, prayer , the start of the second Hijri calendar, the third of the Prophet . Hussein in Karbala in is the martyr with son. Muharram is the biggest feature is the Ashura . Ashura tradition of the Prophet . Noah's great flood is food celebration had been done with the grain in the warehouses of the ship after escape from disaster. I invite us all to asure to dinner. I would Thanks , \"he said . The deputy chairman of pudding was served to those found in the area after the Kalaycı of speech. On the other hand, were recorded of Ashoura events will be made in the market square on Friday.


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