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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:12

Activity in Malatya Traffic Week

Activity in Malatya Traffic Week
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In Malatya ,'Traffic Week'event was held on thus Bazaar .

Malatya news: In Malatya ,'Traffic Week'event was held on thus Bazaar .
Bazaar , held on the Speaking at the event Malatya Governor Vasip Falcon, \"Turkey in recent years, road infrastructure, significant improvements in the noted. Important innovations and opportunities were provided but still the traffic accidents we want reduced to the failed\"he said.
With the present infrastructure may be most accidents in front of started voicing Sahin, \"Our goal is much less traffic crashed a navigating life . this just in infrastructure , but education is of great importance . Education saying, qualified people driving license whether diploma, the driver's license that I do not mean . Already the specific standards are . mutual patience , altruism and respect for the education I'm talking about . someone a respect to him, hard while to recover and support him to give . Today the market is browsing your feet on the street puts at the moment he stopped traffic unless you yet more as a society that civilization line approach you have not . Emitting the driver's right , what is What is the right of even the animals , you need to know them in traffic . Therefore, given the traffic only education does not end in the course of 45-50 days . Actually, in the beginning there . It is basic training . Then if we are someone else's right to respect could , someone else can pay attention to safety if we can , training there completed is going, \"he said .
Sahin, today's traffic rules, international standardization gained by noting that ,\"in London , which complies with the rule if , in Turkey You must comply with the same rules . What in Germany is marking must do it here . Otherwise you can not be integrated to the world . We have to obey the rules . No matter who , what capacity whatsoever to obey the rules we have to , \"he said .
Governor Sahin after the speech of the year, traffic police elected Chief Constable Solomon recipient of the year, the gendarmerie traffic officers selected Gendarmerie Senior Sergeant Lightning Fire and Expert Gendarmerie Sergeant Murat Akkus , year firefighter selected as Orhan Çobanoğlu'nun plaque was given .
Traffic Week Series by the Committee when driving their attention and they exhibit exemplary behavior because , for example , selected commercial taxi driver Mehmet Hanif Güngör , municipal bus driver Ali Çiloğlu , the minibus driver Mehmet Bayqara and service vehicle driver Aladdin Eryılmaz'ın also presented a plaque to the language was .
Activities Malatya Police Department Child Department created by the janissary band of musicians with Community Policing Branch, created by the People's Games team with a show has ended . < br/>

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