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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 11:03

Acute pharyngitis is currently considered semi Outbreak

Acute pharyngitis is currently considered semi Outbreak
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Mersin news: Professor Dr. Murat Ünal , acute pharyngitis citizens about the stimulating , \"Acute pharyngitis , especially seasonal transitions that during these periods occur. The virus due to pharyngitis, if prolonged , then more severe disease creates a table . Currently half the epidemic can say I have a table . Our citizens to be careful ,\"he said .
acute pharyngitis related to UAV reporter said on the Mersin University (MEI) School of Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT ) Diseases, Department of President Murat Ünal , in this period of acute pharyngitis should be careful , said:\"Acute pharyngitis , especially sometimes the tonsils inflammation be with , sometimes just on its own can . Strait at the rear of the small lef glands are . these lymphoid inflamed as we are defining . acute pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis unlike himself before the upper respiratory tract as a sequel shows . a fever flu cases such as start , whereupon acute pharyngitis call throat pain, burning , soreness , fever , feeling fatigue manifests itself . acute pharyngitis two types is seen. a one most often we see the shape related to viral infections . If this virus due to pharyngitis will lengthen the bacteria comes on . then more severe disease creates a table . acute pharyngitis is very visible , especially during outbreaks . course, we see most often in the transition period, during these months , so seasonal . Social cohesion in an environment where many individuals quickly spread of epidemics . Individuals , particularly of the immune system falls in the summer air under the sleeping, extreme cold consumption, sweat and cool , but also in the pool and sea environments, such as extreme winds remain in the rapid spread of the disease causes , \"he said .
\" Acute pharyngitis SEMI EPIDEMIC iS SEEN AS CURRENTLY \"
acute pharyngitis seen in particular and often stressed that the transition seasons Unal,\"Now you're going to fall in September , and we expensi . So I began to occur quite frequently in Mersin acute pharyngitis . Disease outbreak currently seems to be half . In this disease, the most important thing you need to be protected once . When one person in the family to be aware of it , not too close contact , proper rest , resting , eating, drinking, taking care to stay away from the cold as we need to take precautions . In addition, warm fluids is very important. I need to run dry throat . For him to be with you and always a warm water will gently moisturize the throat . Throat irritant spicy , spicy, acidic foods need to stay away from . Usually in 3 to 5 days of acute pharyngitis is a disease of self-recovering . That the physician be consulted in case of prolonged antibiotic therapy should be evaluated . More than 5 days if you are still complaining about your throat to do medicine physician başvurulup shape now than it was bacterial or will he asked me to be different , \"he said .

Acute pharyngitis is currently considered semi Outbreak" comments for.


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