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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:28

Acute recover from the Netherlands in Fethiye was injured in Trakkingt

Acute recover from the Netherlands in Fethiye was injured in Trakkingt
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Muğla's Fethiye district and the historic Lycian Way walking holidays resulting from groups of 6 to 55-year-old Dutchman Karel Reijers , suddenly fell in the path of the passing foot and 112 crew were rescued by ACUTE smashes .

Muğla news: Muğla's Fethiye district on holiday to and from the historic Lycian Way walking the Dutch groups of 6 to 55-year-old Karel Reijers , footpath passing by suddenly falling foot smashes ACUTE and 112 crew were rescued by .
Fethiye holidays from the Dutch six-person group of tourists in the morning Kayakoy date from the Lycian way towards Ölüdeniz walk çıktı.ölüde is'a magnificent view of the lush pine forests ratings watch and take plenty of photos on the road for the Dutch band teachers from the 55-year-old Karel Reijers a rocky passes through the foot glides fell . Karel Reijers feet on the basamayın by the right knee is broken understand the 112 emergency team for help istedi.sağlık team status ACUTE Fethiye birimine the bildirdi.fatih Light directed nine personality acute team and 112 emergency medical team injured Dutch first intervention to make Kayakoy from along the Lycian Way went looking for . approximately 1600 meters road after the Dutchman injured reached. In the right knee muscle rupture was detected Dutch tourists splint stuck on a stretcher alındı.akut Fethiye team about 3 miles along the Lycian way through the injured Dutchman vehicles .
Of the path is about 4.5 hours Oludeniz Kumburnu downloaded into the injured Dutchman Karel Reijers , while walking during a transition injured and help his team, timely reached thanked everyone said.
ACUTE Fethiye from the team Fatih Light also 12.30 Near notice they received , nine individuals and the health care team with the GSP provided through the coordinates and 1600 meters after the march they reached noted. Light, Oludeniz by stretcher to go down because it is easier to return by the same road by continuing injured 3 km , move the ambulance ulaştırdıklarını said.
Ambulance received a Dutch teacher Karel Reijers , Fethiye State Hospital removed and were being treated.

Acute recover from the Netherlands in Fethiye was injured in Trakkingt" comments for.


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