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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:37

Adana 3rd Symposium on Urban Problems Preparations

Adana 3rd Symposium on Urban Problems Preparations
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3. Coordination Committee organized by the Chamber of Adana Province Adana Urban Affairs Symposium will be held from 22-23 May 2015 .

Adana news: Photo Adana Urban Issues Symposium Organization Committee President of the Chamber of Commerce asked for support by visiting Atila Menevşe . Adana ICC Secretary Hasan Emir Kavi, \"How is it possible livable to an island !\"The main theme of Adana City Issues Symposium'ATO Chairman on related studies provide information about Menevşe studies , \"Our cities , inequality had gradually become more evident and our homes , challenge our , creeks our longer be a living space of our forests by the value of the market is in a process of signification \"he said. Photo Kavi, Adana Urban Problems Effective Symposium , autonomous and democratic Urban Management, Accessible towards Collective Needs , Qualified Public Service Delivery and Infrastructure , Integrated, Efficient and public transport policy , Secured Disaster and Risk for A Living management , noting that opened to discussion of many topics such as the Natural Environment and the Protection of Life and Development . Kavi, \"Urban Problems Symposium of \"Dedicated to the problems of the original purpose \"Adana-urban \"consciousness is able to solve all the parties to Adana competent , caring, sensitive people and institutions to support the symposium urged to go with the future of Adana. Photo Adana Chamber of Commerce President Atila Menevşe , in recent history'Urban Strategy Platform'in collaboration with'the Future of Adana and New Urban Model'of purpose that discussion panel organized said that contribute to a more livable city of Adana. Adana urbanization in the deserved place to come to , European cities standard that will allow the conversion of a modern city idea who expressed their efforts to contribute to the creation of infrastructure Menevşe , \"2 million people chirping and moving the streets of the main street in the city is the most natural expectation. However, due to the AVM culture urban fabric every day dull and takes a cold state . Therefore, shopping centers or businesses that are for this purpose facility , the city must be integrated into the tissue should be designed customers with plans and with volumes will breakout from the city , \"he said .

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