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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:51

Adana Courthouse Refreshing

Adana Courthouse Refreshing
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Adana for 11 years serving the courthouse in the main building , to facilitate the citizens to receive services , renovation work was initiated in order to create a comfortable working environment and fast .

Adana news: In this context, will be installed at the front desk and information desk , pens will be renewed rooms. Photo Currently, the island where the criminal courts and Public Prosecutor's Office attached to offices of Justice of the main service building , due to the expansion of the climatic conditions and uses maintenance was needed repair and renovation needs . In this context the main building exterior will be painted decorative material which is coated with the coating gap . Column to the exterior facade of the Anatolian motifs to be processed , the date to be repaired in accordance with the tissue. Justice service building so you will have a more spacious and beautiful appearance . Photo FRONT OFFICE AND INFORMATION TABLES TO BE ESTABLISHED in the framework of Photo Editing , located in the building's front and rear and both the citizens and uses of the courthouse staff gates will be reorganized . Thus, the accumulation will be blocked at the door , to prevent citizens of waiting and losing time . 3 thousand to 2 thousand 500 per day , week in and out about 12 thousand people in his court , as part of the renovation work at the front desk and information desk will enter service. In the Court of the pilot regions selected by the Ministry of Justice Islands and the establishment of information desks at the front desk , citizens will quickly counseling process in place and they go they have to do . Scope of construction , the arrangements to be made in some office rooms and item . Preparation is done by scanning the pen of General investigation center, execution desk, unsolved office, Magistrate Judge for the item to be in the repair and arrangements will be the opportunity to work with judicial staff in a more relaxed and spacious environment. Also Adana Metropolitan Municipality and the Regional Directorate of Forestry historic courthouse garden with the support to greening renewed in accordance with the tissue. Renovation and refurbishment work will be completed within 2 months .
'Adana'< strong> OR WE WILL SERVICE worthily Photo Adana Public Prosecutor Ali Yeldan , judges in all items, prosecutors and said staff is busy in work , rearranging the office said they are aiming to provide a comfortable environment. Citizens better and stated that they intended to give fast service Attorney General Yeldan, \"the front desk and information desk to be established , we passed in front of our citizens pen around. Things get service more quickly. Our courthouse with construction and renovation work will stand out from the cold and bleak outlook. Adana Courthouse , as befits the Adana will be made to serve . Intensive way our staff working in more favorable conditions will continue to serve , \"he said .


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