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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 16:44

Adana Demirspor'da'Permanent Income'Campaign

Adana Demirspor'da'Permanent Income'Campaign
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Demirsporlu Adana Adana Demirspor Association for the start of his \"permanent income \"sources in support of the campaign came from Cahit Sınmaz .

Adana news: Demirsporlu Adana Adana Demirspor Association for the start of his \"permanent income \"sources in support of the campaign came from Cahit Sınmaz . Not the movies , \"Management believe that the interests of the club . Persistent efforts are important in terms of income would provide . However, in doing so must the unity and integrity among our fans ,\"he said .
Demirsporlu Adana Association, Vice Chairman of Adana Demirspor visited Cahit Sınmaz . Speaking during the visit is not the movies , fans of the group asked to meet under one roof , the club's permanent income would put a major contribution to breathe . Adana Demirspor management as a permanent income accounts were doing and day thinking stating that the movies are not \"income and expenses in each year of the gap is going on . This means Adana Demirspor'da permanent income is supposed to provide . Clubs Our Chairman Selahattin Aydoğdu and board located in my friends projects are producing . Those projects now me. Time zone this in our projects valued with press members will share , \"he said .
team without the fans the taste of salt remains , stating that the movies are not said:
\"Tribune contained in our supporters also under a roof support teams are asked to provide . Principal Adana Demirspor . it always says I am . league's first match Manchester City and draws stayed . good team, I believe. match in the first half in particular play better , I believe. unfortunate goal ate , but the match until the last minute our players strive me too was pleased . League interruptions of we will evaluate the best way . \"
Island Association as Demirsporlu to accept invitations Cahit Sınmaz yuft thanking President Sahin, Sınmaz blue color blue is a person who has committed , he said. Falcon, \"Adana Metropolitan Municipality's support , as well as Adana Demirspor'da 5-10 million per funding is required. 5 years Chairman of the Association'm doing . Thereafter, the management and the players instead of criticizing how permanent income we find the logic we have to move . The permanent income is not found in Adana our Demirspor'u within 2 years may be faced with great danger . necessarily permanent income requirement for this to happen . \"

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