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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:54

Adana Metropolitan Municipality in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan Revision

Adana Metropolitan Municipality in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan Revision
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Adana Metropolitan Municipality's 2015-2019 strategic plan passed by the House of Adana Metropolitan Municipality .

Adana news: AK Party Deputy Group Chairman Ozan Gülaçtı , rating before \"no \"then \"yes,\"they say reports that reflect the fact that the objection that they are missing after removal of the positive vote said.
Adana Metropolitan Municipality October session of parliament addressed in the strategic plan Adana will shape the next 5 years .
parliamentary session to discuss strategic plan 2015-2019 , the AK Party Deputy Chairman of the group on behalf of the group took the floor Poets Gülaçtı drew attention to deficiencies in the plan . The previous parliamentary session , the AK Party Group noted deficiencies corrected after the strategic plan Adana Metropolitan Municipality, the Parliament passed .
Statement on the issue that the AK Party Group Deputy Chairman of the Poets Gülaçtı some media organs AK Party Group's plan before'no'after which the'yes'vote as conferring the news reflect the truth , he said.
Gülaçtı ,''AK Party Group's strategic plans that emerge from the elimination of deficiencies after the Adana concerning its future plans yes was called . AK Party group as we do not take the opposition just for the sake of opposition . Our aim for the future of Adana, and in this way make any criticism constructive opposition on every platform we do. Our criticisms and suggestions will be taken into account as long as the interests of all kinds of Adana positive efforts in both the supporters and takipçisiyiz . Some media outlets are trying to establish in the perception does not reflect reality . First'no'vote , then give'yes'did not say . We identified deficiencies in the plan related to speech in parliament, we have put forth . These deficiencies were corrected in subsequent rating we have a positive vote . AK Party Adana for the future of what we see as a group if there is missing bluntly put. Our strategic plan has been added to this determination . Adana've done whatever it takes to win'he said.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan Revision" comments for.


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