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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:27

Adana Police Murder Castle'CSI Miami'Method Solves

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Surrounded by walls 3 meters in Adana , as the castle is protected by an alarm and security cameras at home as a result of the raid Kalaşnikoflu murders in the United States for many years published sequences reminiscent of CSI Miami was solved using the methods .

Adana news: The murder weapon finds and biological investigation of the police , the suspected murderer of the victim's uncle is revealed.
Edinilen events center Sarıçam connected to the town of Incirlik in the neighborhood of 23 May 2014 on the evening occurred . Allegedly, the 19-year-old son Oppressed Şuayip Iron Iron garden to smoke Kalaşnikoflu of time that was attacked . The attacker jumped out of his garden wall , fleeing the family , children put the car on the road to take to the hospital . Uncle Mehmet Demir , quads burned police car while trying to raise his nephew to a hospital's condition began to doubt to follow . The police hospital follow up following a an armed attack as a result people were wounded learned .
\" Special Operations SEARCH DONE \"
Iron , brought to the hospital after a few hours were killed . On top of that , depending on the Adana Police Department Homicide Bureau of Public Security Branch teams of young people going home wounded launched an investigation. Without notice to the police entered the scene , the police were forced to gather evidence . Police surrounded by walls about 3 feet , which is controlled by security cameras and alarms , such as castles person commits murder to escape into the house before the direction was detected. Police in the back garden wall from where you can get away with more extensive predict and midnight and during the day here with special operations police sought evidence . As a result of the search the police found a Kalashnikov used in the incident . Go to the weapons , but the only evidence examination finger gloves for murder suspect fingerprints were found. The police therefore did not reach the killer in the first place . Meanwhile, the lack of a killer families began to be disturbed .
police immediately suspected killer was found, create a special team . Special teams , going back to the murder scene , like a castle inhabited by three brothers lived in the house for days, about 100 people met face to face . Even iron his family's business , family opinion on the citizens were interviewed. Home security cameras were examined. Police killer's family as a result of his studies became convinced that someone was . On top of that they are hostile relatives in the family began to be investigated . In a survey performed great uncle Hasan Demir (57) son of Abdullah Demir's uncle Mehmet Demir's money after the debate over the issue has determined that the fire from the car . But police this determination despite the killer could not find .
CSI Adana , Every touch leaves a trail
police then one piece of evidence Kalashnikov weapons headed . Police , leaving fingerprints on the gun was sent to the Department of Criminal Ankara . Here in the investigation determined that the gun belt of biological residues were shared with police in Adana . In the first instance in which the police suspect that oppressed his cousin Abdullah Demir Demir's blood sample was sent to the criminal . Police Oppressed thinking that might be the remains of iron bioavailability also sent blood samples of the deceased . Criminal gun belt in his review of the Oppressed in the ruins of ferrous iron or whether Abdullah's blood sample is sent , but the remains oppressed and Abdullah Demir has determined that it belonged to their ancestors . Even the ruins Abdullah Demir's blood sample with the father-child relationship could be identified.
POLICE MAZLUM-IRON s father EVEN blood sample ALT
Police criminal from the report on the murder of Abdullah Demir's father, Hasan Demir committed decided that only the killer is complete to confirm, before the castle, go to the oppressed Iron's father , mother, brothers , uncles , including everyone living there from the blood sample was taken . Police then oppressed his uncle Hasan Demir Demir took the blood sample . Police sent the samples to the criminal without waiting . After a while, the police report from the Kalashnikov belt in a biological specimen Hasan Demir sent a blood sample is the same as documented .
AMCA ISTANBUL was captured in
police confirmed that Hasan Demir of murder suspect after the suspect began to find work . In this study, the accused worked as a security guard in Istanbul has determined that construction . Police in Istanbul , where he caught the suspect in construction . Adana brought interrogate the suspects taken his nephew to kill , said:\"my nephew did not. However for me it does not matter , in construction , or I'd go in prison or rest do . Ore for me it would be better ,\"he learned. The suspects were referred to court after being interrogated .
The methods used to solve the murder of the police in the United States for 15 years, recalled the published directory CSI Miami . Series of research topics in the field of police crime scene at the bottom of the mysterious and unusual deaths is the subject of case studies revealing .

Adana Police Murder Castle'CSI Miami'Method Solves" comments for.


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