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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:28

Adana Theater Festival

Adana Theater Festival
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Sabancı Foundation , Ministry of Culture and Tourism, organized in collaboration with the State Theatre 16.Devlet Theaters-Sabancı International Adana Theater Festival , the theater community is bringing the games lovers .

Adana news: Sabancı Foundation, the Culture and Tourism Ministry, State Theatre, organized in collaboration with 16.Devlet Theaters-Sabancı International Adana Theater Festival , theater communities games lovers is bringing .
May 5 to 11 , 2014 Date of Ankara State Theater \"where \", Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City theater \"Futile world \", the Istanbul State theater \"Hamlet \"and the city's theater \"Collective Stories\"with games Hacı Ömer Sabancı Cultural Center will be on stage .
Ankara State Theatre , 5-6 on May \"Where \"game Adanalı meet with the audience . War refugees from drama dealing with the \"Where \"of refugees, a tractor chassis to European countries hope they journey tells the story .
Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre , 7-8 on May Oktay Seeker wrote \"Futile World \"game Adana Theater takes the stage at the Festival . The game tasks and a polismemur have laws which tells the story of exemplary .
Adana Theater Festival , May 9-10, is Tiyatrosu'nuağırlıy tarihlerindeistanbul States . British author and poet William Shakespeare's famous work \"Hamlet \", Isil Kasaboğlu Benefits Bülent Emin's regime and the scene is moving to a single performance . Bülent Emin Benefits , characters in the game alone , while indulging events both live and the person telling the audience comes across .
Kenter Theatre , 11-12 May between \"Collective Stories \"game with the audience meet. Games , famous short story writer Ruth Steiner and his önceasist new and strict friendly, then his colleague and rival, the student Lisa Morrison's story to the stage carrying .
Workshops under the May 8 Thursday artist Lillie Petrova's management 13-for young people between the ages of 18 \"Technical Methods of Dance Theatre and Stage Performance\"workshop will be held .
Adana Theater Festival , this year as every year, the festival brings vibrancy to the street . Saturday, May 10 starting at Stone Bridge of Adana icon events, will run until May 16 . Taşköprü coverage of events including music, dance and performances and photo exhibitions will be held . Saturday, May 10 Municipal Band and Folk Dance Ensemble buluşurken with Adana , which will be held on Sunday May 11 Fly Board Taşköprü water show and dance show will transform the festival area .

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