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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 10:31

Adana, will change the world's Mouth Taste

Adana, will change the world's Mouth Taste
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Which has been produced in Adana , Turkey's first patented citrus fruits , especially poised to change the taste of the whole world , including Europe.

Adana news: Which can be easily peeled bark , pitted and mouth posada leave the delicious mandarin cultivars, patented'Mandared'first harvest of the kind made ​​in 2015 by mid-February , will bid farewell to the export journey. Photo patent to get the Italian origin'Mandared , mandelate and the kind of the University of California Tango denominated products seedlings harvested and prepared to deliver the first European Future Fruit Adana Representative Mehmet Yücel most farmers are , of new varieties of Turkey , will also contribute to the prestige on the world citrus production , he said. Patented citrus production and exports in Europe only at the record was made in Italy and Spain , recently said that the country can now Turkey. Photo Product of whether unequaled in the world and together for the first time all over the world as well as Turkey's the most underlining will go into production , \"Turkey, for the first time at the same time all over the world will have begun to produce a patented citrus varieties . this is an important development for the future of Turkish agriculture ,\"he said .
DAL STAY IN GUARANTEED GIVEN Photo of patented citrus production , the farmer's price to ensure that remain in the property of the branch and market conditions at that records provide , \"on the basis of the patent owner to institute or breeders'organizations have the right of countries determines the amount of acreage for each variety. as sold for patented citrus varieties contract specific are allowed to planting in a field . this agreement with farmers on land which other products , you are guaranteed to get the goods would disruption of the supply-demand balance . In the past , such as grievances remain in Mineola abundantly cultivated fields of white grapefruit mandarin being passed into the experience . Farmers would not stay in when planting products branch and doing production as sure can sell at a certain price , \"he said .
ONLY 5 THOUSAND ACRES IN AREA will be added Photo moment made ​​2 thousand 500 acres in cultivation, patented in some varieties of citrus varieties to allow the planting of five thousand acres of land and unauthorized cultivation of states that can be guaranteed dismantling by the breeding rights at the applications , he said bring the angle of a future-oriented view of Turkish agriculture in this respect. best , \"Turkey for the first time , the beginning of an agricultural stream that have followed since . Will not be back from Europe we will even be a step in front . \"Stating Patented citrus fruits of all of that protected by the UPOV treaty and existing varieties in the world all of UPOV is registered at , Turkey one of the countries that signed under the UPOV treaty , breeder case of patent infringement, ie leakage cultivation of varieties by 5042 numbered law that protects the rights will be legally intervene , he would not look at leak planting dig in. Photo RESISTANT DELICIOUS AND SEEDLESS Photo Citrus National Variety List to the input made ​​\"Mandared \", \"mandelate \"and \"Tango \"provide information about the type of products the most is that these kinds of very tasty, seedless , leave pulp in the mouth , good quality and peel easy to peel , orange and red , cold-resistant , after January maturing , he said with a high efficiency. Ener , vitamin warehouse is reported that before they started coming in more demanding market of products from the UK and Germany markets.

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