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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 21:55

Adanaspor-Adana Demirspor after the match

Adanaspor-Adana Demirspor after the match
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PTT 1 League of Adana Demirspor'da coach Levent Eris Adanaspor 2-1 victory over the field reflects the slow start collecting the fruits of their game , said:\"4-5 weeks later, I think we'd be where we want ,\"he said .

Adana news: Speaking at a press conference after the match
Access , a derby match is worthy of Adana said. Both teams win in the very desire to save Levent Eris, \"Field inside and Adanasporl both Adana Demirsporl of all our children a great struggle was revealed. Derbi like to be lived . My players earned the congratulations. Both teams in the next match in heart and soul I wish you success . Because both teams a top league Adana as it deserves , \"he said .
Wins taking the league standings in the places they want to change for weeks highlight reminiscent of an experienced teacher,\"the last 4 weeks it scores we reflect . the game already beginning well we were fighting . now scores also reflect began sorting our place in the slowly changing. 4-5 weeks later I asked where we think we will be , \"he said.
Adana Demirspor coach Ünal Karaman the match press conference as coach of the winning team that fit very desirable , but they failed to do so , he said. Match necessarily analysis said they would make Karaman , the following was passed:
\"Loser Sorry to . Incoming fans would like to thank . Match at the beginning position and we eat the second goal Position penalty position, I saw the other position the ball translated from the outside said friends . Course this style matches, two whistle is very important. Sometimes frustration can . ourselves regarding criticized necessary , especially we eat 2 after golden opponents half of the pitch more into a seemingly Adana Demirspor had but beyond that too many positions have not come . \"

Adanaspor-Adana Demirspor after the match" comments for.


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