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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:44

Adopted by the citizens of New Overpass

Adopted by the citizens of New Overpass
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Commissioned by the municipality in Balıkesir new overpass was opened for use.

Balıkesir news: Commissioned by the municipality in Balıkesir new overpass was opened for use. Regional Directorate of Forestry in front of Balikesir
MHP commissioned by Mayor Ismail Arrow because of its shape public debate that led to the use of new overpass weekend fully completed and opened. By the end of the overpass along Forest District belonging to public transport stops in front of the Atatürk Park in the area of ​​providing passage to pedestrians in crosswalks were closed to traffic. Vasıfçın the Street's medians completely wire mesh pulling pedestrians cross the street blocked off the old pedestrian crossing where there is a refuge placards posted with the citizens in the traffic safety of life endangering for their stimulation overpass use is being warned.
CITIZENS LIKE overpass was
the other hand, with the length of the distance across the topic of discussion was adopted by the citizens of the new overpass. At this point in the transition from the street full of traffic lights at intersections by increasing the speed of the vehicle due to arrive although the greatest danger to pedestrians priority experiencing the transition to Ataturk Park made the closure of the pedestrian walkway was welcomed. Citizens across the overpass that uses more safely thanks to the municipality stating they could pass. If the area of ​​the pedestrian crossing completely closed to vehicle traffic terkedilirk better traffic safety in this way have been established.

Adopted by the citizens of New Overpass" comments for.


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