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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 09:37

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs of Ceyhan

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs of Ceyhan
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President of TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council Adana Esra Ozden, to Ceyhan , Turkey's first invitation to invest in energy base will be found .

Adana news: President of TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council Adana Esra Ozden, to Ceyhan , Turkey's first invitation to invest in energy base will be found .
America's most successful entrepreneurs in the energy sector that took place Ozden, in a short time at Ceyhan will rise facilities primarily serve many sectors including women offer opportunities for , he said.
past March, Dallas met in the Women's Energy Network authorities in Adana entertained that they want Ozden, \"Women entrepreneurs of our Ceyhan developments to follow we want,\"he said.
TOBB Adana Women Entrepreneurs Council (UPS ) President Esra Ozden, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, \"you're starting to invest in Ceyhan ,\"the statement said in excited . Minister Yildiz past week Botas International Limited ( BIL) facilities area business people meeting with the significant , indicating that Ozden, \"Project clung will , Adana, Turkey's economy, the largest of the 4th city will do,\"he said.

in the region petrochemical investments pave the way for the most important project'Ceyhan Energy Qualified Industrial Zone'indicating that Ozden, \"Today, in the area until adequate investment had not been realized that the cause of the legislation and the lack of resources was . the Mediterranean coast created 14 million square meters of expropriation completion of the work we have learned that .'s Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, the issue of sensitivity shown extremely pleased we were . particular business task given the Adana Chamber of Industry of us , including chambers of our local managers with our only Adana , but Turkey's dream project implementation efforts for the need to , \"he said .
'Ceyhan Energy Qualified Industrial Zone'infrastructure, the government will provide resources and legislation in a short time'll be done , more important work in this area who would attract investors Ozden, in this context, TOBB UPS could act as noted. Late last March in Dallas Women's Energy Network met with officials stating that the TOBB Adana UPS Chairman Esra Ozden, \"America in the energy sector powerful women in business there . These groups in Dallas coming together I had the chance . Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan Oil Pipeline , the held in Ceyhan investments that will be talked about. world oil a significant portion of transported Ceyhan showed great concern . U.S. investment in energy sector known for its women entrepreneurs in our region to welcome a program can do, \"he said.
many sectors tHAT INFLUENCE
refinery in Ceyhan , petrochemical, power of such sectors together many sectors of the business will lead to drawing attention to the \"Transportation from the yemekçilig dozens of industry in Ceyhan investments gets animated . particular, will develop the service sector bosses are women , we hope to . TOBB Adana new era in the study of the UPS will drop this subject from our agenda , \"he said .

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs of Ceyhan" comments for.


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