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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 11:58

Advice from Luqman Aegean Against Pancreatic Cancer

Advice from Luqman Aegean Against Pancreatic Cancer
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Herbalist Şevki known as Manisa Ege Lokman Gungor, has recommended against pancreatic cancer.

Manisa news: Herbalist Şevki known as Manisa Ege Lokman Gungor, has recommended against pancreatic cancer.
Kirkagac connected to the district of Manisa in the town of Copper in the treatment of diseases with herbal cures that prepare their own support Ege Lokman Herbalist Şevki Güngör, with the descriptions found in pancreatic cancer. Güngör in his statement of pancreatic cancer in the digestive tract cause vast problems and vomiting, back pain, weakness, facial and eye jaundice, rapid weight loss in the form of signs stating that,"These is necessarily examined by a doctor must be. Patients with the analysis and examination of the pancreas was diagnosed with If rapid recovery for both medical and herbal supplement to take is required. because these two treatments simultaneously applied to the patient's too soon heal see that. Herbal support the person receiving treatment in the liver of values ​​within a few months old is becoming. jaundice will disappear appetite is opened and the sick person to eat dinner begins. patient psychologically relieved happening. them feel healed the sick, thinking that moral find,"he said.
"primary medical treatment"
of pancreatic cancer in two varieties that adding the Güngör,"First of pancreatic duct cancers in which case the case ninety percent of the composition. other cases, the pancreatic hormone producing cells (insulin) tumor is coated. Pancreatic cancer, especially in older people, showing the effect is a disease and people's life expectancy increases, the disease incidence rate is also increasing. Cigarette smoking and chronic pancreatitis that trigger the disease are factors. Pancreatic cancer usually diagnosed before would have spread this disease because preliminary symptoms, the solution is quite difficult. But we use it, herbal supplements during treatment with many cancer patients have recovered.come to us from patients primarily to do going to the doctor necessary tests to obtain their medical treatment would be recommendable to do."as noted.

Advice from Luqman Aegean Against Pancreatic Cancer" comments for.


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