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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:30

Advice from the Father of Martyr Act

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In 2011, commissioners who were killed in Tunceli Ercan Cem Kerman, Kerman's father , who turned the country instead of fire , burning of houses , pulled a gun removed from their Turkish citizenship , said he wanted to be deported .

Edirne news:
in 2011 in Tunceli , PKK terrorists astroturf football match on the police who opened fire, died after a 30-year-old commissioner Cem Kerman and at the same age teacher wife Dilay Kerman father Ercan Kerman, the last day in Bingöl armed attack who suffered and who died commissioner Hussein Hatipoğlu son's classmate and that the bitter news to hear with his wife once again destroyed noted.
\" our hearts bleed once more \"
martyrs father Ercan Kerman, in Bingöl experienced the painful events they hear about in the hearts unquenchable protected flared up again and was very upset , said:\"Bingöl who were killed in the commissioner our child's circuit companion, was a classmate . course extremely impressed . our kids on the internet for circuit friends always first martyrs he were writing now, I think I wish it not written had . first martyrs saying so on the arrival of the more painful it was . these martyrs child a month before our children's behalf Ankara Eryaman'daki a park names were given . He walked past the park was extremely emotional and social networking sites that had posted messages expressing emotions . A month later , leaving behind his wife, and a daughter were killed that boy . They are extremely sad , \"he said .
Spicy father Kerman, Hatipoğlu commissioner Hussein was martyred sons who were killed on the night with a friend Cem Kerman circuit Search by telling themselves that the other commissioners , said:
\"Friends from the other commissioners we were looking for . Do we have news of the incident, he did not . Circuit friends also calls Driscoll, we felt right. Their news television name of course, but had not previously been . We understand the family we said we do not know it yet . In the same way , because we had made such an application . Began to take the name of the family was the news lady she started to cry . A fire continues. But I do not know that the president also more varied drastic measures to be taken as a speech . \"
country instead of fire translating , homes , schools, burning of the weapons of those who take the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey deported immediately killed defending his father Ercan Kerman, \"In the past I have argued since there is an issue . At the United Nations Human Rights Court will also oppose the idea of ​​punishment have an anti-terrorism . Takes off in the house is on fire ? Pulled a gun ? Without doing anything to them immediately by the Council of Ministers , to take the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey you'll immediately deported . Tool-less-less than half a day in this case would set a precedent all over. Since you're doing so I burn my house I refuse to adoption . It's as simple as that , you just take the identity , the world would have been a citizen , what happens , I do not know where it goes , but you'll immediately expelled from the country . You're going to deport in a humane manner . The Republic of Turkey citizenship rights in any way benefit too , \"he said.
\" resolution process EVER understand anything we \"
solution process within the process of Kurdish citizens what they want and what they expect understand voicing Kerman killed his father , \"did not understand the solution process so far, nothing . What is the desired Behold , what will be the solution . Do not they have any right to cure ? Turkey wants business owners is that they can spot me ? They can be , the President may , even? May be . So much so what is meant by expansion . I came to my mind one thing remains backward ,'So far you handle us did , then a little we control you want to'further away so a solution can not see , \"he said .
Kerman, who died of families close to the patience and salvation ought to wish to express, \"how many years have passed since the break , we cry out three times a day even if we can not make any specific lady . Ashing time the following happens , it happens , but no matter what a pain it will be easy not easy , \"he said .

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