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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 09:27

Aegean Region , Iranian Alternative Consent For Tourists

Aegean Region , Iranian Alternative Consent For Tourists
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Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB ) Kuşadası Regional Executive Committee ( BYK ) President and CEO of Peninsula Tours General Manager Fahrettin Flower, Aegean Region would be an alternative to Istanbul in terms of Iranian tourists , he said.

Aydın news: Photo in London , the World Tourism Fair ( WTM ) is participating in Kusadasi BYK TÜRSAB Speaker Flowers , assessed expectations about the 2015 tourism season . This year Fahrettin stated that breaks the enthusiasm of tourism in Turkey Flower, \"Someone's us pack up , come on, guys should say . Our union is working fast but needs to rally us to the top of a union. He needs to motivate the sector . Turkish tourism has attracted a lot of external factors. This we have to attack the doctor about it. But a little higher level of support expectations have among our colleagues. I need to not underestimate the point that despite the experienced negativity. we must not lose our focus , we must give up our goal , \"he said . Photo EGE'< strong> tHE Highlighting nEEDS emphasizing the need to come to the forefront of Photo Aegean Flower, said:\"Aegean , Kusadasi , Gumuldur, should have a breakthrough in the process of Seferihisar band. Significant investments will be introduced in this region. Antalya is no longer needed , not to mention the bed. But Edwards'Highlighting the needs . Izmir airport needs to see the interest required in return for this investment. Should take steps especially regarding cultural holiday. \"Photo IRANIAN 12 MONTHS IZMIR E MAY BE noted that the interesting markets for Photo Tehran example of İzmir Flower, Tehran said the 12-month flight to Izmir can perform \"one of those rare destinations problems with non-direct flights from Iran to Izmir . But Izmir, Istanbul in terms of Iranian tourists in a position to be an alternative . Arab weight in Istanbul , began to disturb the Persians . Izmir needs a little support in this regard. Mobility needs to take some steps to spread to 12 months , \"he said .
UK MARKET NEXT YEAR ONE STEP WHETHER THEY GROW Photo Flowers to England , \"I first heard about the UK, a bit of reservation should expect that the direction of growth in the UK economy , the consumer is reflected positive . British market, will grow next year in Turkey. However, this would not be two digits. A 4 percent growth can only occur \"made ​​the assessment .

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