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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 13:03

AFAD'ın Meeting Begins

AFAD'ın Meeting Begins
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In case of disaster began meeting revised Things to do in emergency response , in order point.

Malatya news: In case of disaster began meeting revised Things to do in emergency response , in order point. In AFAD meeting held in Photo Governorship Hall , Things to do in emergency response , in order point in case of disaster to the relevant institutional authorities , institutions and organizations will be held on tasks and coordinating the work were described . Providing information about Photo Meeting Malatya Disaster and Emergency Manager Hamza Demiralp , stating that they would see missing the meeting, \"Turkey disaster response Plan ( TAMPA ) January 3, 2014 date and was released on 28 871 numbered Official Gazette. Turkey disaster Response Plan ( TAMPA ) aims to disasters and to take part in the intervention study on emergency service groups and the role of the coordination unit and to define responsibilities, prior to the disaster . the order and the basic principles of the post in the intervention planning'to determine . the coordination of disaster and emergency services , the creation of educational policy and the Prime Minister's Disaster from making legislation on these issues and Emergency Management'(AFAD ) is responsible . National-level service group plan, which is the main partner of the ministry responsible for the preparation and implementation services group , although the principal institutions and organizations responsible , the ministry assigned to support partner services group plans are institutions and organizations. The private sector, NGO 's and the real person is responsible for separately. Ministry , the top managers of institutions and organizations in the preparation and implementation of plans , preparation of provincial governors disaster response plan and implementation , private institutions are responsible for the owners or authorized representative bodies. Plan first six pilot studies were initiated in the province. This is our city like other cities of the province as a result of his studies was initiated necessary work . In addition, the National Level Service Group present their plans/cases and discussed the main advantages of the improved and Support Partners made ​​if necessary 3. Focus Group meetings, drafting of the business processes are continued . The process of work and renewed scenario in the light reflected in the schedule of the revised needs assessment and capacity development decisions following National Level Service Group will point to the approval stage of the plan , \"he said. Photo \"On the other hand the local level in 26 service groups and between the Disaster and Emergency Management Centers work on the preparation of business processes is underway . The purpose of our gathering here this day , to give information about the work done up to this day , to do the co-main and support solutions enable the delivery of Operations Plan Services Group . The requested information is to be sent full and on time , \"said Demiralp , coordinated the meeting held on AFAD said it would take 15 days.

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