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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:45

Afdk Eregli Criminal rained Belediyespor'a

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Kdz Eregli district of Zonguldak .

Zonguldak news: Ereğli Edirne Municipality Sports Sports Football Federation of Turkey because of the events in the matches played among youth (TFF) Amateur Football Disciplinary Board ( AFDK ) rained down punishment to the home team . Photo Kdz . Ereğli Regional Amateur League on November 2, 2014 in the district (BAL ) 11. struggle in the group who Ereğli Municipality Sports Edirne Sports Youth match played between teams 63 minutes starting and final AFDK due to the events which led to the holidays , rained down punishment to Ereğli Municipality Sports Club . Photo AFDK , was sentenced to 3 November and the decisions taken on 10 November Ereğli Municipality of sport spectators play forfeited and penalties to beat the count of three internal field competition. AFDK also receiving a red card during the disturbances Kdz . Ereğli Belediyespor'la Ahmet Mature 3, Edirne Sports Youth players Orhan Kaan Ergen 4 and again Edirne Sports Youth player Ali Riza Day 3 match gave banned from official competitions .
Out events during the course of foreign body taken Remove the event and a crowd at the stadium on the grounds that the 5-year ban on state and Kdz . Ereğli Belediyespor'un internal field came to the nearest police station during the hours when the match is played the first half and the second half to give signatures were sentenced separately . Photo Kdz . Ereğli Municipality Sports Club said they did not approve of the events of the Second Vice President Ayhan Atay said they were left alone with their conscience cause people with impunity. In Atay said, \"We can not approve of the events . Sorry, that move goods all shed a person has done. Earn can we play as well as three games of the spectators lose a match by forfeit . We are very sorry . I'm leaving it alone with a person or persons of conscience that led to this situation \"he said. Photo Photo Kdz EVENTS . Eregli district Beyçayır Stadium on November 2, 2014 Date of played Regional Amateur League 11. Group Week 7 match was faced Eregli FC Edirne Sports Youth teams, the first half ending 0-0 the match in the second half Edirne Sports Youth's No. 8 players Orhan Kagan Ergen, Ereğli Municipality cryptogames number 10 back Gökhan Kuloğlu force should continue to take the kick then make foul mess was involved in a moment. 63 minutes after a foul position occurring in both fields as well as the honor tribune mixed with referee Dursun Can, then allow it to settle the 10-minute event wounded by an object hitting his head and match from the field by the resort was divided into an ambulance .

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