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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:26

African Countries Businessmen Recounted to Edirne

African Countries Businessmen Recounted to Edirne
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Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey ( TUCSON) is Tığdem Africa Coordinator Timur , Edirne businessmen giving information about African countries stressed the need to invest in Africa.

Edirne news: Photo Balkan Business World Solidarity Association ( BISD's ) meeting coming together is Tığdem with Edirneli businessmen in the living room, stating that it is wrong to invest in what he thought was a poor African countries , Turkish businessmen said that the need to invest in the right place in the right business arms .
with respect to investment matters , business man Tığdem stating they can help you through the BISD , which the African countries , said the assessment on which they can invest in the sector . African countries in poverty as well as each country's voicing is rich of about 10 percent Tığdem , \"the need to invest in some African countries emerging Turkish businessmen . Densely Indians in Africa , Lebanese , as well as Chinese businessmen investing in the Turkish businessmen by no reason to do business in different sectors. Africa denince unfortunately consists poor and a negative perception in our minds . many actually not quite right , you know when you go , you see that is not so. for example, having Portuguese 20 thousand in the capital go to Mozambique. Go to Kenya 40 thousand live British , that in the same way go to other countries , having white people in Africa. for example, with really infrastructure of a developed country South Africa and we can say little America with everything . in the agricultural field can be invested in African countries. There are water in Africa , arable in the world but 60 percent of uncultivated agricultural land is located in Africa. I was personally uğraşs with agriculture, up from Edirne going to Africa would take agricultural land. Because decreasing irrigation areas in the world. There is a mention of a fund manager:'In the future , brokers will ride a tractor, farm owners Lamborgini a thousand things , \"he says . As you know gaining importance in agricultural products , which are used in the most suitable land in Africa. Already have never used organic , you just need to prepare land for agriculture so ready , \"he said . Photo TUCSON Africa Coordinator Timur Tığdem is also building next to agriculture, said the investment in the electricity sector as can be done.


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