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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:28

Afşin the network problem solved

Afşin the network problem solved
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25 years of drinking water problems of the Afshar district of Kahramanmaras resolved.

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Department (which KAS) , Afşin drinking water to assess the tendering for the construction of the network Afşin Mayor Mehmet Fatih Trust, the district will be solved as soon as 25 years of drinking water for 2 years of network problems , he said . Trust, \"in Afshar's main drinking water , our district renewed network will completely get rid of asbestos and cast iron pipe . With this investment with the Union Afşin 25 years , we will eliminate the drinking water network problems with the issue. Bring this project to life, we were destined to ,\"he said . Photo Akdere drinking trust Chairman reminded that continued water project , said Afşin kavuşacağını clean and safe drinking water within 2 years of its people. Trust, \"water problem of the Afşin within 2 years will end . Drinking water continues Akdere drinking water network with the network. Çöllolar be brought to Afşin additional source of drilling water in the coal basin point began KASKİ work . On the one hand the Afşin during the summer months while renewing the mains water supply coming from the other side to use the Çöllolar . after completion of the project Akader Afşin, two will have had the spare water resources, \"he said.

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