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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:57

After the Feast of the Seljuks

After the Feast of the Seljuks
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County Council's central Konya Seljuk Feast of the Sacrifice of the citizens in order to spend a comfortable environment took every precaution , emergency teams and the Emergency Response Team will be on duty 24 hours a day .

Konya news:
Environmental Protection and Control Department was created in the team by 11 points sacrificed in place of 150 tents will be chain hoist . Feast chain hoist will be collected in the afternoon of the 3rd day . 376 workers on the day of Arafa victims cutoff with 70 pieces of construction equipment and trucks made ​​the cut until the morning cleaning work places will be offered to the service of citizens . 11 staff leaving 2'şer sacrificed victims to the point of waste collection will be provided immediately . The first day, the citizens had to put their garbage bags and a thousand thousand kilograms of meat per kilogram bags will be distributed by the officials of the cut-off point . Victims of waste in order to prevent environmental damage in the first three days of the feast of the cut-off point 9 backhoe loader, 9 taking waste by truck , 7 will be washed with sprinklers . In addition, vacuum cleaner tool 15 and 6 fumigation disinfection will be carried out with the tool .
Emergency Response Team will be on duty during the holidays . Lead , manhole cleaning crews likely rainfall against taking the necessary precautions were reported.
Day before the victim at point of sale started serving Police Directorate teams work feast during the morning 8:30 and 22:30 between the hours will continue . Crews work will be coordinated by the Central Authority in the food outlets , not shooting the victims with business sales and cut-off point will be monitored over the course of the feast were expressed.

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