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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:18

After the rainfall in the dam Corum Radar

After the rainfall in the dam Corum Radar
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Despite the snowfall which is effective in the past week in Çorum impact on the dam was minimal.

Çorum news: Corum experiencing most of the dry season water reserves in the dams that meet the drinking water needs in recent years declined 2 percent of
last 3 years. Effective after the rains in the city in recent months and its districts images reminiscent of the time when flooding has occurred in rainfall has caused the increase of water reserves in the dams but 1 percent to 3 level.
25 million 300 thousand cubic meters of water with the capacity Yenihayat dam in the year 2012 in November, 14 million 300 thousand cubic meters of water were found , these figures in November of 2013, 8 million 800 thousand cubic meters in November this year, fell to 3 million 276 thousand cubic meters. one of the other dams that meet the Photo drinking water needs of 10 million 933 thousand the cubic meter of water has a capacity Hatap dam in November of 2012 were found to 8 million 181 thousand cubic meters of water , while in 2013, 7 million 331 thousand cubic meters in November this year, fell by 2 million 658 thousand cubic meters. Photo wATER feverishly to avoid a PROBLEM WORKING Photo Drought and Corum , acting after the reduction in water reserves Municipality, all the negative scenarios in the city down on the table for there to be drinking water shortage has prepared B and C plans. to avoid a Photo municipal water shortage emphasis on well Pinarbasi, Konakli, Kuruçay , Mürsel wells with milking , the Kavacık and brought water into the city's water supply Pinarbasi . 50 to 55 thousand cubic meters per day in the city where the water is consumed to provide water to the city's water supply wells and 2 million 500 thousand TL electric bill was learned . This amount is expected to find 4 million by the end of the year. Corum municipality in the point to bring water to Çorum from Koçhisar dam by driving at full speed projects. Photo LEAK his PASSED 1 million cubic meters SAVE ENABLED his studies
in all areas and large the projects implemented Corum's signature on a change Municipality, walks a serious study on the detection of water loss and leakage. Photo leak and the municipal car park to avoid water losses of 400 thousand TL one water leak detection tool area municipalities , water loss and leakage of now allows the detection by computer. Drinking water is carried out against illegal working by intensifying resume Water Affairs teams, to intervene immediately evasion and waters they identify meticulously their studies as a result .
Time drinking due to various factors in water mains have occurred in the losses and leakages , where now the water network leakage losses regardless of surface defects and prevent water waste , to ensure a more healthy operation of water supply purchased by the municipality fully equipped water mains leakage loss tool, as a result of the work done so far was achieved 1 million cubic meters of water conservation , as well as millions of TL source is in front of wasting passed . Photo wATER sAVING uSING CALL Photo although there is no current drinking water problem while trying to vigilance measures on water saving, warns citizens on the use of efficient drinking water supply. Photo resources at trying to use the best possible way , water shortage Mayor voicing an effort to help avoid Alper Zahar, \"enough is experiencing drought this year due to lack of snow and rain . We reserve this year to meet the need of water. Drinking water, there is no problem because we must not waste waters. Our only other source of water for our citizens, not necessarily balanced resources , should use controlled . Everyone should be sensitive for the future. We are particularly good use of our resources , and our dams . Our citizens , they do not waste the water. We can use water more economically . Continuous flow faucets can be repaired . Ladies can wash dishes in a bowl instead of constantly flowing water to wash the dishes. No source is not infinite. There is an end to everything. That a drop of water will flow into a dam from each faucet should always remember the water pouring down the drain , \"he said .


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