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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:43

After the Welcome Desk Day Opens Its Doors

After the Welcome Desk Day Opens Its Doors
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Çankaya Municipality Welcome Panel opens after Eid service .

Ankara news:
Çankaya Municipality after the feast Welcome Panel opens the doors to the public . Layers of paperwork to circulate longer in the hands of citizens , the citizens will follow the work of the municipal staff . Citizens say the only problems and solutions to municipalities will receive . Municipal services building on the city's busiest streets will be opened to the Welcome Desk , citizens will be away from the bureaucracy . Welcome Desk in the first phase will consist of a team of 25 people . Reconstruction of the team , Licenses, incoming paperwork , from the Directorate of Public Relations and Disability Unit staff will work from . Citizen friendly service which was launched in an effort to transport personnel employed at pre-project took lessons from expert instructors . Employees, effective communication techniques, body language , rhetoric , persuasion techniques on topics such as work they did.
Municipality's everyday life in direct relation a public institution , indicating that the Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen , \"Citizens no longer Municipalities came to interlocutors could not find'he is not.'s our job as our strength too citizen. Welcome desk paperwork inputs and outputs where there is not a table , the solution will take the point , \"he said .
\"Welcome desk \"project Anesthesiology municipalities against the perception in the positive sense of change which emphasized Taşdelen , fast, problem solvers and friendly service of the staff said it would increase its commitment to the business .

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