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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:53

Against Brazil National Team Morale gonna call

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Brazil National Team will face tomorrow , will seek victory against Sambacı'yı 6 times in its history.

İstanbul news: National Team, the 2016 European Championship qualifying group morale will call before the match will be played against Brazil and Kazakhstan .
National Team , Brazil will host tomorrow at 20.30 at Sukru Saracoglu Stadium. Will be played between Brazil and Turkey will manage this particular encounter Ravshan Irmatov from Uzbekistan Football Federation. Jakhong to do with the vice Saidov Irmatov Rasulov Abdukhamidullo . The competition will be the fourth official FIFA licensed to guide the referee Halis Özkahya .
521 . NATIONAL EXAM Photo National Team , with 521 in the history of Brazil fight tomorrow's game will be released. Month-star team that ever played 520 games in the history of 190 wins, 121 draws and 209 defeats received . 272 were set up official , national private 688 goals in 248 matches with recording , while the castle has seen 770 goals.
< Strong> THE Sambacı 6. APPOINTMENT Photo Tomorrow's matches with Turkey and Brazil 6 . will face times. National Team, 5 times with the title of having the most winning team before the World Cup he could not play with Sambacı'yı prevailed in 5 games. A National Team , with 2 draws and 3 defeats against Brazil was divided . Opponent netting 3 goals sender National Team, the castle saw 6 goals .
FINAL BRAZIL ENGEL Photo Japan and South Korea's hosted the 2002 World Cup group in Turkey and Brazil in the same group the bottom . National demonstrating effective performance in the group matches , the first half of Hasan Sas had completed the 1-0 lead . Sambacı'yı stars Rivaldo and Ronaldo in the second half of the month highlights the obstacles non-star had begun to defeat the C Group. Turkey has achieved a historic success , the group has reached the semifinals by completing the second row . Semi-finals National Team matches once again Brazil, the second half at the beginning of Ronaldo's goal was 1-0 and had returned to the door of the finale. Photo GERMANY'< strong> FROM HISTORY rout Photo World stars of the on-site hosting the South American team, held at their home ownership 2014 FIFA suffered a historic defeat in the World Cup . World noticeable decline experienced in recent years with Sambacı'yı football , matched with the semi-finals to Germany. Opponent to the 7-1 defeat in history at different defeats from one area Brazil in , their squad after the World Cup has gone through a restructuring . Photo WANT TO TURKEY RECOVERY bad taken in Photo 2016 European Championship qualifying group with the result that the national team is seeking a new outlet lead to disappointment . Iceland , the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Latvia and struggling moon-star in the same group with Kazakhstan, ranks last one collected after 3 match points . Iceland 3-0 , 2-1 defeat by the Czech Republic in the finals of the internal field compromising the chance to join the national team , and scored the only points away 1-1'lik took across Latvia. 16 months-star team , which will host Kazakhstan in November , you will want to get into the air in victory against Brazil .

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