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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:43

Age Small But Big Projects

Age Small But Big Projects
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Bilecik hosted by the Directorate of Education Science Fair held at the TUBITAK project began.

Bilecik news: Bilecik hosted by the Directorate of Education Science Fair held at the TUBITAK project began.
Bilecik Atatürk Sports Hall ribbon on the opening of the exhibition , the National Education Director Ismail was interrupted by Altınkaynak . Speaking at the opening of the Provincial Director of Education Altınkaynak Ismail , 43 projects showcased in the exhibition jointly organized by TUBITAK said.
Altınkaynak , to organize this exhibition of the reason for attending the fair to encourage students and other students in both science and scientific studies contribute to challenge and strive to improve , he said .
three-day exhibition of 19 schools 43 project attended. Projects will be presented to the public appreciation . Made by students of projects , most notably , the 45th Secondary Education Research Projects Tübitak contest Eskisehir Region finale Area 2nd with Bilecik Refik Aslan Ozturk Science High School student Ryan Nur Çakmakçılar prepared by the Corn Cob Benefits of the project named was .
Owner of the project Ryan Nur Çakmakçı, this year the design competition area is the latter and the award stating , said:\"The project with a heat insulation material into the corn cob mixing eco-friendly recycling a walkable material creation was intended to . firstly, the mold did. them stretch material I've isolated the mold on the bottom of the foam by squeezing corn kernels, periodically planted . Subsequently, the mold cover closing one day to harden waited. a day later die off when the band saw with the cut . Ankara Panal-San to test I sent . \"Panal-San in pressure, sound and combustion tests explaining Çakmakçı, said:\"The tests results of compressive strength test 3 times more durable and burning test , corn on the cob highly flammable substance for lack of combustion in terms of a durable material that appeared in the market and could use emerged. voice transmission coefficient test , the pure poly-producing material better than the output . these've done with the project are used in homes in thermal insulation systems I do project them more resistant than , more reliable system appeared to be . \"

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