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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:29

Agenda of the Provincial Assembly Parking

Agenda of the Provincial Assembly Parking
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Çanakkale Province Çanakkale at the second meeting of the General Assembly in July tabled the problem of parking .

Çanakkale news: Canakkale Provincial Assembly in July at the second meeting of Canakkale parking problem were tabled .
The agenda items discussed at the meeting , the MHP Lapseki Provincial Councillor Ali Chair off the agenda took the floor in Çanakkale parking problem, the line stage and that the citizens of the victims said that . Seats \"You know, the Dardanelles , the largest one of the problems that this podium and not mine Canakkale Provincial Assembly of the Members should be the response . But this issue today I am just bringing . Population is growing rapidly. Dardanelles our vehicles to park areas that we see . Accordingly past in this period these problems partially Ministry of Education with under the protocol was remedied schools after closing but dismissed Director of Education through this application Canakkale our province has been removed. Victim citizen who was . schools closed especially after much of the population is concentrated in regions of these applications Canakkale not concerned with all county with the application whether this parking our problem should be solved I believe . especially in Canakkale , our Governor and the Directorate of Education through our these applications again in Çanakkale and the districts should be passed that would offer , \"he said .
AK Party group deputy chairman Ahmet Çiçek the \"Parking is an issue in Canakkale in extreme but each time Mr. Mayor Ülgür'no parking problem in Çanakkale . Have trouble walking'he says. Contribution to the local council of the school garden whether he used as a car park in mind as we do not see the AK Party group . In this context, we will make the necessary calls to the Directorate of Education , \"he said .

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