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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:31

Agricultural Exports Standing Tuttu

Agricultural Exports Standing Tuttu
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Aegean Exporters'Union in October 2014, 1 billion 25 million 105 thousand dollars was signed export .

Aydın news: Aegean Exporters Association record export figures received has increased 3 percent compared to October 2013. Photo EIB's exports in January and October's period 3 per cent increase to 10 billion 282 million 318 thousand dollars reaching , the barriers for exporters in the last year the figures currency gained to Turkey 5 percent arrive with 12 billion 514 million 291 thousand dollars . Photo Aegean Exporters Union by record exports received 9 percent of exports of industrial products decreased by 498 million 608 while staying at a thousand dollars , exports of agricultural products the dried fruit and especially thanks to a record 25 percent increase in tobacco exports increased by 451 million 894 thousand dollars. 17 percent while exports of the mining sector decreased by 74 million 602 indie thousand dollars. 9 out of the 12 exporters association in the Aegean Exporters'Associations within the month Photo in October , compared to October 2013 showed the success of increasing the export , 3 troops are lagging behind last year's export figures stayed in. Photo DRIED FRUIT peaked , the largest increase in tobacco Photo Dried figs export with the beginning of the season Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters Union, 141 million 2 thousand dollars in export figures and the sector has reached the highest amount of exports. Aegean Tobacco Exporters'Association , 92 percent export growth and success caught the 95 million 372 thousand won-dollar exchange rate to Turkey. The Aegean Tobacco Exporters Association last year's export figures reached 1 billion 23 million dollars. Photo Aegean Iron and Metals Exporters'Association of repeating the performance in October of 2013, 129 million 829 thousand dollars of exports performing , Aegean Textile and Apparel Exporters'Association with a 14 percent increase in exports of 108 million 710 thousand dollars dışsatı found my list of places during the third . Apparel exports in the last year of 1 billion 417 million Taking a 86 thousand dollar one step closer to the $ 1.5 billion target . Photo from the recession in the construction industry in China adversely affected by Aegean Mine Exporters Union's exports in October 17 percent , down 74 million 602 thousand dollars , decreased the location of the Aegean Exporters'Association ranking 5th was rung . Photo Aegean Exporters Union Aegean in the first union position with a 21 increase in exports per cent in the last one year period, Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Association , percent in October increase in exports and provided 14 success caught the 68 million 351 thousand dollars of foreign exchange. Exports of 3 per cent decline in the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association , the export figure was recorded as 63 million 67 thousand dollars.
The stability monument in export growth Aegean Wood and Forestry Products Exporters'Union of 13 percent, rising to 43 million 509 reached a thousand dollars. Export the Aegean develops 23 percent Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters Union our country of 30 million 290 thousand dollars of foreign exchange earned . Photo Aegean Textiles and Raw Materials Exporters'Association , in October , the export compared to October of 2013, 7 increasing percent to 19 million 974 thousand dollars removing the Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters Union jumped by 19 percent to 8 million 567 thousand dollars. The Union Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters completed a bad season in exports with a decline of 45 percent stayed for 8 million 496 thousand dollars .
EXCHANGE RATE declines , EXPORT NEVERTHELESS THE RISE Photo in foreign exchange rates that experienced decline 3 percent in October striking Aegean Exporters Union Coordinator Chairman Sabri Unluturk, the stagnation in the European Union market , despite the melting of exchange rates in confusion and October in the Middle East market Aegean Exporters'Unions 1 billion US $ 25 million export figure they regard successful , the decline in the exchange rate that has upset them , they expect a surge in line with inflation, exchange rates , interest rates Central Bank said they wanted to reconsider .

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