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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:41

Ahmed , Demolition Onsite viewed in Genghis Khan neighborhood

Ahmed , Demolition Onsite viewed in Genghis Khan neighborhood
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Mamak Municipality President Massoud Ahmed , groundwater and experienced landslides under the influence of extreme precipitation Genghis Khan District 868 one-Street brought specially from Izmir 2 buildings under construction \"Jaws \"is said vehicle in a controlled manner destroyed.

Ankara news: Photo 11 days ago AFAD then evacuated the building in line with the report , Yildirim Beyazit University from \"demolition is required \"to report as of 17:00 yesterday began to collapse . Measures aimed at building in the region affected by the landslide was discharged 6 , the street was closed to traffic , the buildings electricity , water and gas had ceased. Destruction after examining experts informed President Ahmed , \"Here, our first priority to complete the demolition of bleeding even the nose of our no citizens ,\"he said .
NO ONE VICTIM STATUS will FALLING viewing Photo Demolition and answer residents'questions Akgul \"We are behind you in the State . Nobody wants confronted with such a situation . to be sure it is 15 days , our first agenda as municipalities in this region. in the State , the relevant ministries , we are behind you as a municipality ,\"he said .
REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT a RETRACTABLE completely cleaned of 2 buildings and retaining wall construction will amount to 10-12 days in case someone
. Geophysical survey as well as geological studies to be done in the area after the demolition will take place . Following the screening off to study and zoning of the area to decide whether to close.

Ahmed , Demolition Onsite viewed in Genghis Khan neighborhood" comments for.


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