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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 28 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 16:03

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Contest 'mysterious' first

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Contest 'mysterious' first
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Competition organized by the Municipality of Bursa Osmangazi Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature winner 'Dream Fear' Hemingway won Yasar Ozdemir Bedri.


competition 'Abdullah Efendi' under the nickname came from Bursa to get involved in the award Özdemir.

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Contest held in its 12th year, winners of the awards ceremony was held. Sümbüllü Garden Hôtel de Ville and the contestants with the relatives of the ceremony, the authors who participated in the competition jury.

to İzmir, Turkey Van, Kars to Edirne abroad with a total of 67 985 work refers to a different contest Applications January 18 -3 M bear was made between 2013. If the competition selection committee headed by Hilmi Yavuz, Professor. Dr. Uçman Abdullah Ali Colak, Basar Başarır, Muge spinner, Text onal Mengüşoğlu and Ihsan Deniz has occurred.


myriad of Turkish literature In addition to the many valuable works of writers during the award ceremony held in the name of saving the president spoke Tanpınar Ahmet Hamdi Mustafa Dundar, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar reputation beyond the limits of Bursa story contest this year, 985 participated in the work, he said.

ended on May 3 the competition this year, in addition to Turkey United States of America, Hong Kong, Germany and Austria that participated in the works of President Dundar,"Literature is organized with the aim to commemorate üstadımızı new works and a great competition to gain transcended borders, we see that we have taşıdığımızı world heritage site. contest, see the intense interest all over the country and abroad, youth, writing, thinking, and for us to give so much importance to produce a feeling of joy and pride on the other."he spoke.

President Mustafa Dundar, this year, the 'story' and defined as"a dream of sadness left over from"participating in the competition with the theme of the work in the first 19 kitaplaştırılarak, Bursa said that the location of the library.

Hilmi Yavuz chairman of the selection committee of the award winners of the contest celebrates 12 years asked for the continuation of this competition. This year's contest prize 'story' was given in reminding Hilmi Yavuz, Osmangazi Municipality, with the advent of literature and culture and the arts, while expressing his satisfaction:"We often ignore a lot of writers. Or, in other words, up to the authors, or a voice artist for us sometimes it may not be as important as the belly dancer. especially by municipalities mean what I'm saying. Osmangazi municipality But in this respect it should also be separated from the municipal president, thank you."said.

Trabzon from the jury 'Abdullah Efendi Bedri Yasar Ozdemir nicknamed' Dream Fear 'won first place with his work. Second Istanbul 'Libra' Olek Uzbek nicknamed 'January' Hemingway, third place in Ankara 'Naki MN Çilabbas' Murat Şahin Ocal nicknamed 'The Night trapeze' won with his work.

Mention Award in the 'Zinnun' nicknamed '7. Couplet 'and Mehmet Esen's work and' Mahur Beste 'nicknamed' The Sorrows of Nuran 'Berksoy Berk won with his work. The winners and the jury gave awards Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar.

unable to attend the award ceremony of the reach of Bedri Yasar Ozdemir, President Mustafa Dundar humor mystery concealed himself to add,"is an important subject for the first contest of the competition is the first secret in keeping themselves state does not want to get out of the camera. is an important strategy to promote their behalf. areas we would like to congratulate all the contestants and prizes."Why do wit was in the form of laughter.

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Contest 'mysterious' first" comments for.


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