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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:44

Ahmet Hope And Believe Kadir admired the Zeugma Museum

Ahmet Hope And Believe Kadir admired the Zeugma Museum
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Zeugma Kadir analyze the famous actor at the Museum Trust , Gaziantep's Cultural Ambassador Ahmet Ümit and President of Istanbul Gaziantepliler Association Tahir Thompson Öztan , in the uncovering of other ancient brand of Gaziantep have and they stated that they would provide added value to the economy of it.

Gaziantep news: Photo International Zeugma Film Festival to support one for coming to Gaziantep and participating in the festival gala Kadir famous actors of Turkish cinema Believe , Gaziantep's Cultural Ambassador Ahmet Ümit , Author Ayhan Bozkurt and President of Istanbul Gaziantepliler Association Tahir Thompson Öztan made ​​studies in the Zeugma Mosaic Museum . World cultural heritage of the most important features among the rest of his fans Zeugma mosaics made ​​famous actor Kadir believe it is more important for the promotion of studies should be stated that the museum . Author Ahmet Ümit Gaziantep's brand value that has high ancient city of Carchemish , Chain , Yes to Dülük and Sakçagözü as the city of stating that it is important only within the country not because of Gaziantep brought to light the works done excavation \"People living in Gaziantep are citizens of the world . Because of Gaziantep history lived a very rich many period , where dozens of cultures occurs and is a city of strategic importance next to spread the geographical features of the region. each of the values ​​that this city has known throughout the world and have high cultural brand value . made ​​of them to reveal the best way and maintaining presentation not only in Turkey, will also lead to provide significant added value in economic terms . these days are fees paid by tourists who want to visit places with very little history in Europe are serious numbers. But with an epic story of Gaziantep several museums per each headed ancient cities and other historical , which will form elements are important in terms of growth and development of the employment alongside the enrichment of our economy. \"Photo Gaziantep stated that they work with have the power to introduce all aspects of Istanbul Gaziantepliler Association Chairman Tahir Thompson Öztan the city can be a gastronomic center they carry out important projects for specifying the domestic and abroad, \"we have to introduce all of the features that evaluate as a whole and have Gaziantep . We have a rich industry . However, we have an invaluable cultural heritage . Promotion of our cultural values ​​from the beginning of this sine qua non of tourism, the preservation and future generations are trying to do our part for the transfer . Bringing them together on a larger scale projects with an introduction and common sense we need to attack the ball total. We believe that our local authorities and NGOs in addition to the civil administration of this need by creating a common mind throwing hand and pool in domestic as well as overseas should increase their promotion. We are making our best with our mission as an association , we will continue to do in the coming period, \"he said. Photo Archaeological world attention had to translate effectively to Gaziantep Photo Author Ayhan is a Gaziantep fan of Booth and the history of the city addition to the social life itself was inspired by stating that \"a candidate to be the shepherd star in Gaziantep Turkey's culture and art. Scientific study of ancient cultural assets related to what I've seen enough yet except for a few centers such as the excavation can not be done . I believe that the archeology of the world should give more attention to this area heavily . Because of their interest in art and literature will be the trigger for the world. \"Zeugma in the following three-dimensional promotional film celebrities thanked the museum authorities.


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