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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:39

AK Party and the Hand in Hand for HDPE Kopani

AK Party and the Hand in Hand for HDPE Kopani
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Tusba district of Van Municipality , Justice and Development Party (AK Party ) and the Peoples'Democratic Party ( HDP) council members, they gather hand in hand to help Kopani people were sent to Kobani'yi .

Van news: Photo Tusba Municipality in front of the truck to help Tusba Mayor in a statement sent during the Assoc. Dr. Fevzi Özgökçe , a loss of even a single person, a hair Kobani'de overtakes it , he said that his heart. Living in the earthquake , as people who know disasters , stating that they collect donations ahead of the upcoming winter season Kopani people Özgökçe , \"we are sending to Tusba parliament votes collected in accordance with the decisions we make with union benefits Kopani . Kopani , Suruc and all our brothers and sisters in Cizre , both the AK Party group HDPE Our friends from the group , two vans and a TIR'la the hope necessary support will be achieved . we believe that this problem ends as soon as possible and brothers to their homelands, becomes a prayer occasion to meet their own housing. we also wish to be an example to all our municipalities of this beautiful work , \"he said . < br/> Van peace , brotherhood and peace Ozgokce stated that the country , \"each party to the dissemination of that, we will be with the support of ,\"he said . Photo hdp'l city council member Ismet Tan is needed in southern Kurdistan , both West Kurdistan get in Rojava Kopana made ​​in the canton of persecution Tusba stating that they combine the proposal submitted separately the two party groups in the municipality , \"in accordance with a decision taken by consensus we leave tonight way as to bring Kobani'yi help. In contrast to the formation of a unity where Ankara . The group took a joint decision of both parties . I hope this becomes a precedent for other municipalities , it is an example. Contrary to Ankara for the principle for humanity we can always compromise . This day we will extend our hand to help our brothers and sisters from both Sengal our brothers and sisters in Rojava \"he said.
Middle Eastern people find it pointless as a whole and that the boundary AK Party councilors Mehmet Utku said,\"a culture, but that history of the color and complexion, is a common civilization elements , it is the ancient nations of the earth I hope we will get there wish and we want you to know that all the world's peoples is such in it, \"he said . then help truck of Photo speech set out to Kopani .


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