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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 23:42

AK Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Alparslan message Foundations Week

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AK Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Murat Alp Arslan, Foundations Week, has released a message .

AK Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Murat Alp Arslan, Foundations Week, has released a message .
Alparslan , message makes human beings human most important value is love , that love is mutual cooperation, solidarity , unity, solidarity and brotherhood strengthened , stressing that \"the Creator love , created created because of the new love , human-centered love tangles to form . That beauty , especially our nation are the values ​​, \"he said .
Alparslan , \"Foundation , created created because of those mercy , compassion and love institutionalized form. ancestors , our hadith says in the'best of people , people that are useful are'declaration of their motto , Pursuing foundation through countless enormous and enduring works body was brought . Ottoman foundations established in the services and activities, a rich content had . Mosque , mosque, muallimh valve , madrasas, darulhuffaz , Darülhadis , caravanserais , hospital services as well as water, roads, aqueducts, fountains and public fountains , roads, sidewalks, soup kitchens , nurseries and grow from their sockets ; bazaar , pier, lighthouse, arrows and wrestling squares, prisoners and slaves set free , the poor firewood to supply during the winter, feeding the birds , migration had been unable patients and weird storks care and treatment purpose, various foundations that stretch as many more have been established . In addition, thousands of Mecca and Medina to belong to the foundation was established . Here we will help to prevent the hypocrisy did not know each other . States , even in the most difficult conditions was operated charities . Foundations goods , precision and its preservation is very important , \"he said.
Alparslan message continues:
\"our ancestors , women with men, went with where they are persecuted , but today still standing works took him and benevolence yadda being preferred. Foundations, trade, economics, and scientific studies in various branches of art always has revived . General President and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as stated'We are who we are , got us the spirit of it from the root is on the way , in the past we received inspiration for our future horizon scratch struggling are . Great thinkers here today, reaching hundreds of years, for centuries, has enabled the creation of these works standing . They did not have us , I hope we will create the seeds of tomorrow are taking the occasion to exist . We're also thinking big . We're conscious effort to leave to future works .'In Turkey between 1996-2002, only 46 made ​​the restoration of historical monuments , our government during the restoration work was completed close to five thousand . Only besides generating Turkey , in Anatolia and Thrace , but our civilization on earth , the work of our culture , heritage If you reach there , our government , to face the day brings . Hence the great civilizations of our accumulation of the most beautiful manifestation of one of the nation's kindness, helpfulness , cooperation and unity reflects the historical and cultural values ​​of our survival in the solidarity spirit in strengthening the largest share with a foundation , our peace in society , trust, peace and love environment by consolidating the wealth and prosperity shared allowing are institutions . Every year in May the 2nd week celebrated Foundations Week , celebrating the roots from our this beautiful tradition to the revival and from generation to generation the foundation of civilization to be transferred to be instrumental will hope that responsibility, bearing foundation to work I wish you success . \"

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