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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 19:20

AK Party Ankara Provincial Youth Wing President Çelebi:

AK Party Ankara Provincial Youth Wing President Çelebi:
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Justice and Development Party in Ankara Provincial Youth Wing President of Kurdish Celebi , \"The AK Party in Ankara as the youth of each element of an artist with the precision built our corporate personalities and our Fortunately Powered smoking our heart, Great Turkey politics vessels injected coming to be ,\"he said .

Ankara news:
Chalabi, in his written statement, Ankara past few weeks a new perspective and a new youth brought into force , said:said:
\"First of Ankara and the entire country to the surface to be beneficial Almighty Allah (SWT )'tan petition would like .
it should be known ; enormous in human history , mankind prosperous and civilized way to becoming the direction that draws the exception, the entire community action in the kitchen of young people took place. years and years discredit a political abandoned and non-political focus of the words headlines Turkey, where our politics of the place to remove the following great nation under the feet of a servant with great respect boom AK Party , embodies the youth again rightful place gave .
Democracy and political perspectives, the tip of a blind tunnel reminiscent of the \"Old Turkey from the policy of the last remaining balances \"by spending the last approaching some political leaders, his party's youth TVs remove the insulting political environment , the AK party in Ankara as the youth of each element of an artist with the precision built our corporate personalities and our Fortunately Powered smoking our heart, Great Turkey politics vessels injected not come. \"
\"We young bosom , our our country and in particular in Ankara streets Ejkar install , \"he Chalabi said:
\"We know the civilization built before the personalities we then our nest , the streets and out of our neighborhood , and finally our city will begin . It will be difficult , will be painful . Hattabel and hearty dish that will need to pass through . Yet the 21st century, we youngsters imposed 3rd grade American films re-Hollywood propaganda again we young people promised that life will never (!) Human beings humanely will experience the ideals of civilization of human and enliven the fact that the pleasure given us will not . Those who aspire to the fan , cant even imagine eternity . Without a trace , leaving work , and most importantly establishes a throne without these cherished in the hearts of the nation we refuse to aging and dying . The world's largest prepare us that we are trapped born , grow up , get a job , do not want to die scenario for the extras . Just a better car and to have a better home to live as simple as we refuse to . We are not nemelazımcılığıno false pleasure , action and service are the ones who aspire to that unspeakable agony .
Would like to be known by us in the coming period we have not pressed Ankara square feet will remain on the pavements . Human being , especially in a region where it opened the eyes of civilization to be born are aware of his responsibilities . Yeah, maybe you're the ones who are young today , but could not reach each of the oppressed account today , tomorrow, that will be asked of us are aware that we can not give to the youth of tomorrow . \"
Chalabi said:
\"For years, establishment of regulations imposed by the education system , blame a generation that tries to do ; If alive today, he tutelage \"and their masters advantageous \"We would like to say ; \"One more to win the lost \". You left us that \"783,562 square kilometers think the world of politics to be involved in to the Middle East quagmire to say , steel-software-energy sectors and high value-added industry, the construction of the imagination to see it as the domestic automotive and defense industry not to work , just waterside residents of \"citizen \"counting , desirable citizens description, \"Turkish-owned , low quality is the concept of\"politics, a personal future and vehicles as if they were seeing their nation to insult the understanding of the peasant's own costume Ankara Kızılay aloofness about you give written instructions all the way through the history of the black pages will leave. Vecihi Hürkuş'u Czechoslovakia to go to the left of understanding indigenous unmanned aircraft capable of producing in Turkey are heading towards .
We ideals of the movement , service and availability of the power saddlebags to install all available on the source of the Deru reverence with nowadays we set off . < br/> Ankara in 1923 bosom of hope conveyed , 2023, had to carry our abilities while working the street when you see around all the people's welfare and happiness of living for a ceremony knows all our young people in this blessed march invite you . \"

AK Party Ankara Provincial Youth Wing President Çelebi:" comments for.


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