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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:24

AK Party Assesses seer Education Investment

AK Party Assesses seer Education Investment
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AK Party deputy Mustafa Van seer, training people and made ​​the future of the country's most important and most profitable investment vehicle stating that \"man's training begins from the moment of birth and continues until death .

Van news: Advanced society is a society of educated people have the power to be real . Therefore, education has been a major power in developed countries providing economic and social development , \"he said . Seer , indicating that an essential requirement of Photo Education , \"The AK Party government in Turkey with our educational development initiative was launched. An important part of each budget period for the AK Party sources with high economic value of education investments used in this area. Ministry of Education budget of £ 7.5 billion , while in 2002 , has been determined as 55.7 billion TL in 2014 . Increase the budget allocated to education in Turkey was 642.6 percent compared to 2002 . Despite this, 2013 TSI According to the data in Turkey are illiterate currently reading 2 million 654 thousand people. Although Van teach reading and writing to 179 thousand 396 people between the years 2003 to 2014 , 8 percent of the population in Van unfortunately still today that our 72 thousand citizens are illiterate . Van province total amount of expenditure on education in the last ten years ie 2003-2013 year 1 billion 385 million 631 thousand TL. Van the end of 2002 , while the number of 3 thousand 542 classrooms , a 100 percent increase between the years 2002 to 2014 has been presented to a future that our children 7 thousand 336 new classrooms performing services . The number of classrooms is more than has been done over the last twelve year history of the republic . As of today, the number of classrooms reached 10 thousand 878 Van . Turkey was presented to approximately 210 thousand new classrooms completed the construction of educational services in general between 2003-2014 years. Period Van Deputy and Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Hussein began training with moves to Van Steel is experiencing its golden age . Sports High School for the first time in Van , Information School, Fine Arts High School, High School opened the school in many fields such as maritime . Likewise, Science and Art Center , institutions such as the Guidance Research Centers were brought to Van. Van cost of approximately 56 million between the years 2003 to 2013 of 36 million 500 thousand textbooks were distributed free of charge. In Turkey, only distributed free textbooks for primary school students in 2013 to 125 million source is used . Again Van with no social security , as part of the educational support to needy families with children must submit regular school was made about 214 thousand worth of aid between the years 2003-2014 . In this context, Turkey families were paid 2 billion 600 million TL for 16 million students worldwide. To improve the quality of education in Turkey and further education in order to create a radical change in education policy making in 2012 instead of eight-year compulsory education has been gradually switching to twelve-year compulsory education system. Thus, high schools became mandatory . From middle school to begin the Holy Koran , the Prophet life and a variety of elective courses has been made . In 2002, 53 state and 23 foundation while the total number of universities , including 76 universities , 51 government between the years 2003-2103 , was established including 99 new universities and 48 private universities . Faculty of Dentistry from the University of Van Centenary year of 2003-2013 , Faculty of Fisheries, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Maritime Studies was established in Ercis . In addition, due to YY Presidency Living Languages ​​Institute was founded and incorporated in the Kurdish Language and Culture Department was opened. Level of education in our country and in our region grows, will increase our level of prosperity. Will continue to increase our investment in education to ensure that , \"he said .

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