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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:55

AK Party Congress in Nilufer District Organization Excitement

AK Party Congress in Nilufer District Organization Excitement
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AK Party District Chairman Jalil Nilufer Colak, Turkey's AK Party in its region and in the world has become a reputable and safe country , he said.

Bursa news:
District Chairman Jalil Colak, 5th Ordinary Congress held a press conference about . The AK Party's 13 years works great signed stated that the Galilee Colak, the AK Party democracy, the nation's values ​​of our country, the unity which faithfully impact rules , the guardianship system and decline to terminate said. The AK Party's next target also mentioned Colak, \"AK Party's next target , starting fifth ordinary congress process with our 2015 elections successful exit , our nation, as promised in 2023 , 2053 , 2071 Turkey to the stability , peace of mind , with the development and salvation is to reach . nation'expectations of us is this. so far, politics, strengthen and bring credit to our party fifth ordinary congress will gain strong national will would prevail will continue . congresses Turkey's major goal to reach is the source . congress , our solution process, our will is the source . congress , our new Turkey indispensable in need of a new constitution saint of our nation brought together the will is the source , \"he said .
Convention process, the first and most important step villages and neighborhoods election of delegates saying that the Galilee Colak, delegate elections within the party cornerstone of democracy and said, \"delegates elections , village, with participation of all members registered in our neighborhoods and towns and funds placed at the scene will be done. Delegates elections , our party and embraces every segment of our society with a fair understanding of our statute and regulations for taking into account the principles outlined in our criteria and will be carried out . The AK Party, in this new phase will continue to be the voice of the nation . Always be near our nation , our nation, to speak the language , it will continue to maintain the bond of love . 5th ordinary congress of our party and our nation, we do hope to be good , \"he said.

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